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Hur Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Kim Hyun Joong’s SS501 Collection

SS501 Collection
“memory without name” (Young Saeng Solo) ….
(you can then click to listen to his song or watch the teaser)

SS501 is back as 5-men group since their 3rd single release in March last year.
After their 3rd single [Dejavu], Kim Hyun Joong acted as Yoon Ji Hoo
in KBS-TV drama [Boys over Flowers, Park Jung Min performed as Denny
in [Grease], Hur Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, and Kim Hyung Joon released
the special album U r Man]. They have wrapped up their individual
activities and got back together for second half of year 2009 for
SS501 activities.

Starting from Asia Tour in August, they plan to release S.T. 2, and each
members will release SS501 Collection including solos with bonus track
before the release of S.T.2.

SS501 Collection will be presented on June 18, when Hur Young Saeng,
Kim Kyu Jong, Kim Hyun Joong’s new songs will be released. Bonus tracks
by Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Joon will be released on June 30.
The full album will be released on July 3.

This SS501 collection album will contain photos they took in Las Vegas last May.
Another must-see is a drama-style blockbuster music video of SS501 members.
In this 20 minutes long music video, for the first time since their debut,
Kim Hyun Joong and Park Jung Min act like cold-blood killers fighting for one
woman, Kim Kyu Jong acts as a killer of the killers adding more tension.
Hur Young Saeng and Kim Hyung Joon also appear in the music video.
They finished filming this on May 30.

Teasers of the upcoming music video for each member will be released from June 15
until June 19. On June 22 and 29, episodes 1 and 2 will be rleased via
Gomtv (

Event: If you leave your comments for SS501 Collection (for Hur Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong,
and Kim Hyun Joong), they will send gifts to those who are selected (it’s a kind of raffle).

Date: 2009 June 18 – 2009 July 2
Announcement for the selected fans: 2009 July 09
Gift: [SS501 Colletion] with SS501 members autographs on the CD (10 people)