Kim Hyun Joong attended and performed as well his new single ‘Please Be Nice To Me’ today at Lee MinHo’s Birthday bash / FanMeet / Mini-Concert..

He must be torn between 2 boy groups.. ~~LoL!!

Lee MinHo’s actual birthday is June 22, but he celebrated it in advance with his fans..

Kim Joon together with his T-Max was also in attendance..

Ok.. let us start now drooling at Kim HyunJoong’s galore of Pix!!


You can watch him in here.. a fancam of his performance..



Lee MinHo Pics


I added MinHoshi’s video singing his new single “My Everything”..

I was surprised to hear that he has a good singing voice.. and the song is actually nice..


Kim Joon Pics

credit: as labelled


Wonder where is Kim Bum??? hmmmmm..