The last of the 3 installments.. 3rd story of ss501’s Romantic Sky..

Enjoy~! ❤

credit: VALERWHEEEXD of yt


1st of the 3 installments of ss501’s fanmeeting in the sky which is the first and has not yet been done in the history of korean entertainment industry!! 🙂 hehehe.. I think I exaggerated.. LoL~~!

Part 1 was shown last June 2.. Parts 2 and 3 can be watched on the coming weeks..

 Take time to watch this!! the boys are just hillarious!!! 😛

Their goofiness is what I liked most about them..

Even way before I became a fan.. I found them more entertaining when they goof around and just show their natural selves..


credit: VALERWHEEEXD of yt


2nd story of ss501’s Romantic Sky

credit: quainte501 of yt