uhmmmm.. are you guys waiting for the next episode??? me  too.. can’t wait too see more of killer HyunJoong..

But.. what a bummm.. i guess we’ll have to wait more for a few more days..

Now I am writing a message here to let you know about the music video before its release.
Sorry that the first news is not a favorable one ^^;;;
Episode 2 which is set to be released on 29-Jun, it will be delayed to early July due to unforeseen circumstances of the company.
Final episode will be delayed till mid-July.
Hope that you can understand that the delay is to provide an even higher quality for fans.
If you have any enquiries, please leave a reply and I will reply you to the best of my knowledge.
I will be grateful that you can continue to support GOMTV ^^

– GOMTV person-in-charge


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