JoongBoers around the world are  rejoicing once again!!!

As Shared by our joongboer taiwan representative, let’s call her by the name of 08.. The baidu ssangchu island has prepared a big JoongBo welcome board for Kim HyunJoong that is full of pics of our Buin and Sshillang.. as you can see below..

Kim HyunJoong spotted the board then smiled..

08 shared:

English Trans..

HJ noticed the sign board from the begining, then he had been focusing on it.. the board was blocked by camera, 08(our beloved joongboer who’s holding the board) moved to the right, HJ was passing by soon, he was still staring at the board..the last exciting scenes is:

<<he smiled and greeted 08, and patted the board!!!!!!!!!!!>>

In chinese..




weeeeeeee!!! JoongBoers are the best!!!

Thank you Baidu Ssangchu Island and keepfalling of soompi for sharing to us non-chinese joongboers..

pic credit: as labelled


It was said that Kim HyunJoong.. as he came out of the airport.. was giving limited smiles to the fans..

But upon seeing the Big JoongBo Board.. I guess he can’t help but smile..

That sweet smile that we grew accustomed in WGM..

You can see on the video that his arms stretched and reached out for something.. and that was when he touched the board..

I guess he’s trying to say that he was pleased.. and that he recognize, acknowledge and appreciate the ssangchu fans.. 

First in hollywood bowl.. and maybe HwangBo told him of the Cebu JoongBoers (and got his gifts).. now in taiwan!!!

credit:as labelled + baidu ssangchu island


And what I liked the most???  That for sure he remembered Buin that  day!!!

Oh!!! I stand corrected.. Buin has always been in his mind.. every minute of everyday..

He just don’t want to say or show it.. But we just knew it.. (it’s an open secret between ssangchu and their fans)

Don’t tell me I’m crazy.. (I am not assuming) coz I Believe  in every word that I wrote..

oh What a happy day for all joongboers!!! 🙂 ❤ ❤ 🙂


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Just to share HwangBo gifs from the recent IG episode..

I just have to post it.. coz she’s just sooo pretty..

credit: Daum + imur100 of soompi