SS501 met the fans today, singing and dancing a total of 6 songs, using chinese to greet the fans.

After debutting for four years, it was the first time they held a fanmeet in taiwan, attracting about 3200 fans to be at the event, including fans from japan and korea.

Apart from their performance, fans were allowed to ask the boys some questions, creating a great atmosphere. Kim Hyun Joong said that it was his first time in taiwan and he was nervous. However, he was elated to see a great number of fans who came. Besides that, Kim Hyung Joon said that they passed the fanmeeting venue yesterday, seeing many fans already queuing up and felt very touched by the scene. Therefore he promised himself to perform his best for the fanmeet.

 5 members not only greeted the fans in chinese, they spoke a sentence in chinese individually as well.

Hyung joon, Jung min and Youngsaeng said “I love you”, “Repeat again”, “You’re really pretty” respectively. While Kyu jong said ” What is this? What is that? ” He expressed that he was curious about taiwan and the things here, hence learning those sentences, hoping to know more about the country.

Hyun joong specially learnt “This pretty lady, please buy an ice-cream.” in chinese due to his acting in BOF. Making the fans delighted when hearing him say that.

Also, SS501 said that they would return for their Asia tour in August and hoped everyone could go to Seoul for their concert there. For those who would not be able to be there, they promised to come back to taiwan for a concert around the end of the year.


credit: fishyo of soompi for the translation