Just Me.. ♥ 

My crazy mind gets ahead of me.. again.. sigh.. **Toink! Toink!!** LoL~~!



  • Errr.. are the boys into ‘To The World’ too??? LoL~~~!
  • Is JungMin smiling crazily coz he knows something and he gets to shout ‘To the World’???
  • ~~LoL!! YoungSaeng is shouting it 5 times.. all five fingers up!!!
  • HJLeader is just happy.. and its obvious in his face that he’s thinking of HwangBo while shouting it..
  • It seems that HJBaby and KyuJong has done it so many times (w/ HwangBo sister-in-law perhaps??) that it is pretty normal for them doing the ‘To The World’ thing..

Awwwww.. I love Kim HyunJoong’s brothers!!! They are the biggest JoongBoers in the whole wide world!!! 😀

Uhmm.. I’m sorry.. I’m not drunk.. and I’m not an addict..

Just joongbo addict..

It’s just that I didn’t get to take my medicine today..  😀 **joke.. joke** 😀