Friends..! I have read that this is prettily an important poll for the boys aside from the MKMF (Mnet Korean Music Festival)..

Let us help ss501 win this poll!! They are currently in the 1st place.. but Super Junior is not that far behind and are coming up fast..

So..How to vote..

Go to this link (thank you Qiaohan for the heads up..)

the voting site will look like this..

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  • Please find the ss501’s section and then press the button “up” .
  • Once the number reach “198” or “199” then, press the button” +” (I heard the number should not be 200, all the previous voting will be zeroed out).
  • It can be re-voted many times.
  • One just needs to wait for 3 seconds until the page refreshes.
  • Please use IE as the web browser.

They haven’t tasted “first” as a unified group for so long, let’s help them to reach it, at least from this small aspect. Let’s help them to kick off a great season with new MVs, new albums and new concerts!

Currently they are the in the first place, however they have been chased by SJ fans like crazy.

It is a crucial stage now as the voting will be ending in 2 days.The actual vote is not the “200” but a number appears immediately after the webpage refreshes. This number is changing constantly. But usually the number first appears will be the largest. So it will be great if one can vote continuously for at least 3 times.

The points for each group are different. For example, if you vote for ss501 now, it might be 50,000 points. However, at the same time, SJ’s point will be double the points. So SS501 does need at least twice fans to vote for them in order to keep the first place.

Thank you monda2hj of soompi for the step-by-step guide and instructions..



I am voting and clicking the “up” button like crazy that  I sometimes go 200 or more.. lol..

I am pressing it till my pointing finger gets hurt and numbed and is moving by itself (pressing the mouse even w/o the mouse).. 😦

so what more better way to use my pointing finger.. is to vote for ss501!!! I just hope my finger gets back to normal again..

Just a reminder everyone.. Voting needs concentration and you must have a clear mind so that you will not exceed199 clicks.. ~~LoL!

That advice is based from experience.. coz meeee??? I’m such a klutz and a scatterbrain.. hahahahah.. funny but sooo true!!!