I’m very pleased and sooo happy to tell you that the poll has officially ended and we won!!!! YiPeeee!!

The poll was for the ‘Best Fanclub in Korea’ and Triple S surely is the Best Fanclub..

1st: SS501 – 617,933,645                                                 2nd: Suju – 613,165,381

credit: Arongee of soompi

If you are wondering why it is so important that ss501 must win..

It is b’coz Triple S shall be guaranteed to occupy the best seats in the upcoming Korean Dream Concert in October 2009.. where various idol groups (boys and girls) shall be performing..

And wouldn’t it be a sight to see many Pearl light green balloons (ss501’s official color) to be everywhere and invading the concert area??

Based on the my blog stats.. More than 150 JoongBoers (from this blog) went to the poll site and took time to vote..

Hope our pointing fingers would still function normally.. and can still point upwards and not crooked.. to shout ‘To The World’~~!!!

Thank You so much.. I’m so happy and relieved that our boys will be backed-up by many Triple S in October..