YeY!!! Finally an English Subbed video of Moohan Girls with 2PM!!! *rolling on the floor* I’m super happy!!! thanks to the 2PM subbers.. I can finally watch this episode!! I really really really waited for this.. coz I know someone would sub this for sure!!! (have faith w/ 2pm subbers.. hehehe~!)

😦 not sure though w/ the boris episode.. 😦 wanna watch it too.. but i don’t know if there’s some good soul who’ll sub it.. 😦

Is it just me?? It seems that HwangBo’s the only one who’s not excited with 2PM coming over to IG.. LoL~!


JaeBum’s ideal woman is soo obvious!!! Frank and real.. natural beauty.. pretty w/o make-up.. I think JaeBum was sad that HB didn’t step-in in the couple selection.. LoL~~!


I think HwangBo likes tall men (cough cough.. Sshillang.. cough).. that’s why she chose TaecYeon and ChanSung.. 😀


I didn’t quite understand HwangBo & Chansung’s skit.. I’m familiar w/ chunhyang but i just didn’t get it.. :s On their 3rd game, they should have played high jump rather than the limbo game.. hehehe.. ;P


I think GaEun is just too much in this episode.. me don’t like it.. hehehe :S


credit: time2sub2 of yt