Hwang Bo Hye Jung


Kim Hyun Joong




JoongBo’s First Encounter

Lettuce Couple’s 100th Dayniversary




Lettuce Couple’s Children

First Lettuce Family Picture


HyunJoong singing Dahaengida [eng subbed]

thank you and credits to: rikkimargarette of youtube


JoongBo performing Get Hot [eng subbed]

credit to qtjena13 of youtube


HyunJoong singing Falling Slowly [eng subbed]

credit to qtjena13 of youtube


JoongBo in 2008 MBC Entertainment Awards [eng subbed]

credit to MarriedSubs of youtube 


JoongBo Get Hot Performance in 2008 MBC Entertainment Awards

 credit to MarriedSubs of youtube 


Hello Everyone!

This blog shall serve as my testimony of love and devotion to these two beings!
This is dedicated to the One and Only Lettuce Couple..
Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo.. and everything about them!!
I don’t know why i’m so crazy about them..
Maybe i’ll change my mind later on..
Right now, I am so loving them!

Thank you for visiting my Blog! I didn’t expect that many would take time and read my posts..

Until then!

JoongBo Fighting!!

FTW!!! 🙂


94 Responses to “About JoongBo”

  1. fishama87 Says:

    love this couple too~~

    crazy about JoongBo

    1. MARIZ Says:


      1. d Says:

        Then don’t hate . if you can’t take Joongbo , go away and support the TripleS that threathened Hwangbo. WGM was the first time that I’ve seen Hyunjoong so happy and careless..
        It’s sad that people hate Hwangbo just because they seem to have feelings for each other -_____-

  2. jabao Says:

    I’m so crazy this couple either, crazy to death!

  3. vegan Says:

    I don’t know why but, i’m crazy about them too! So let me join the “club”.

  4. rain99love Says:

    Me too!!!! I am so crazy about Joongbo!!! They look so good together!!! yes, more kisses from them!!!

  5. mei Says:

    hi *waves*
    after watched eps 9-27 of WGM on these 2days, love to joongbo couple getting bigger…bigger…’n bigger.
    i’ll try to watch ep 28-currently eps 2morrow.

    i love the joongbo!!!
    ‘n love ur blog to.
    keep fighting!
    let’s spread the joongbo love^^

  6. maika Says:

    hello . may i ask ? when did they do that kiss(picture3) ? i really want to see that ! please e-mail me here .

  7. far Says:

    guess what? i love JoongBoo couple as well. they are so cute, adorable n sweet in their own way.. =) sangchoo couple, aja aja hwaiting!

  8. jabao Says:

    I don’t know why crazy about them but but when I knew that I watched each episode 4-5 times.
    You can see that this couple ‘s romantic,lovelable,unique,shyness and they expressed the way not too excessive and not too less .
    Thank you this blog anyway for this precious blog and comment
    Thank you joongbo to make me feel the romance is still on the earth!!!

  9. jana Says:

    I love them too… they are the greatest couple among them… I´m so sad they´re leaving… TT_TT

  10. JB lover Says:

    Ah… i really happii to c ur blog ,

    coz make me know that i have many friends that love Joongbo too!


    I’d seen this couples 4 awhile but ma freinds did’t know them – really sad (i can’t talk this topic with them!!)

    Thxz to you too that make this blog

    i’ll c ur blog again ^____^

    >> cherish 4 Lettuce Couples <<

  11. jackie Says:

    I love the Joongbo couple!!!! Is Hwangbo considered really dark in korea? I didn’t think she loooked dark at all!!

  12. ira Says:

    I’m Just finished wathcing the Joongbo WGM last night
    I must say they have great chemistry

    JOONGBO forever

  13. beanie Says:

    hihi. your site rocks!!! i am able to read all abt joongbo here. thanks! 😀

  14. jeanie Says:

    Hi Jena! It seems you are pretty busy lately of sharing a lot stuffs of our favorite couple to us Joongbo fans. Please carry on…
    …cute looking lettuce couple kids.

    Thanks for sharing and for your good work.

  15. jena yan Says:

    lol jeanie!!!

    I was making up for the lost time.. hahaha

  16. syadawon Says:

    they are the best Hwangbo was a caring wife go JOONBO GO….

  17. Kam Says:

    The feelings that this couple has seem real. I hope they really are a couple!!! Love Joongbo!!!

  18. tinaf Says:

    i hope they will have new projects after wgm together! am excited with that idea.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Are they still caring on each other this Feb. 2009?

  20. leiron71 Says:

    i love them!!! calling WGM staff… please bring back our JOONGBO Couple!!!

  21. tinaf Says:

    since hyung joong won the most popular award, some of the credit must be given to wgm lettuce couple. We met them,love them more. people who are not familiar with them, became a fan because of that show. thank you joongboers!

  22. aiminoncia Says:

    tinaf was ryt never knew him .just accidentally watched WGM got to love them both and thats the reason i’m watchin’ BOF ryt now i miss them both…joongbo fan forver

  23. buin Says:

    i miss them much..
    did they have project together beside than WGM?

  24. StrandedAngel Says:

    i love them & miss them….

  25. StrandedAngel Says:

    thanks for putting this up….nice to hear updates about them both

  26. Didi Says:

    Dear, im also infected with joongbo virus..right now..
    B4 i was totally into Kkotboda Namja but now its 180 degree changes..
    Im soooo in love with joongbo! they seriously entertain me..

  27. FELICIANA11 Says:

    I really adore them joongbo couple. I want them to have a new shows coming up together.

    Please MBC. I’m a JOONGBOER’s believer.

  28. aiminoncia Says:

    do you think guyz there will be a chance that joongbo will be together again?coz HJ was so popular now…well i hope so…

    1. leiron71 Says:

      for me yes… just always keep on praying… i think those produce now think some good projects for our dear Lettuce couple, since now they are popular and many fans really love this couple 🙂

  29. feliciana11 Says:

    MBC must realized how JOONGBO couple adore them and that they should give them a new project together.

  30. Nurul Says:

    Thank you for sharing all of latest info abount Lettuce couple. Miss & love them. I’ll spread out the JOONGBO LOVE through out Malaysia & Singapore.

    p/s: The 1st photo above was taken from which episode?

  31. ernie Says:

    thanks for sharing all bout the lettuce couple! i really envy them..:)the way they talk.. the way they smile ..the way shila lookin’ at buin.. everythin’:)-bogoshipda.. this song is suit for them..

  32. Gigi Says:

    I also love this couple. To be honest, I love their WGM stint more than BOF. I never got tired of re-watching parts that I love. I hope someday they get back together again on WGM. That will pull the ratings over the roof. Producers just have to check out the net to know what will cure the show’s low ratings.

  33. yamakasigirl Says:


    1. leiron71 Says:

      hello! its not JOONGGO its “JOONGBO” they are the make believe couple in WGM ( We Got Married Show )it’s a combination of Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo name….you watched it and i am sure you will enjoy it and you will love the Lettuce Couple, if you want in this site at the joongbo episode you can watch it… 🙂

  34. Helen Says:

    This is really cool site !!!
    Thank you for sharing~~!!!

    I lov them~~!!

  35. allen Says:

    actually when im stressed out coming from d office i kept watching their show thru you tube over and over again ..if only they know how much they make me happy just seeing them develop their “couple relationship” throughout the show.hope to see a sequel ASAP! I LOVE JOONGBO!

  36. kawaii Says:

    I love them too. And wish they would be couple in real life. Don’t care about gap of age.

  37. elina Says:

    I miss the joongbo couple. They are so natural and looks good together…
    I love Lettuce couple episodes, so romantic and make me happy when i saw them … Love you so muaaach… !!
    I think lettuce couple (wgm) better than BOF drama.
    I hope they will be back and together again in WGM or another program or…maybe…the will together in reality..! I am sure everyone (joongboer )will be happy for that and many prays for their relationship !!

  38. JHO Says:

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this is so nice….beautiful…im very much into joongbo also… and im very affected of the fact that after wgm….they went back to point blank…i really hope they will have a series (drama) together so that they would be working with each other again… i miss them so much…

  39. alexia lo Says:

    umm peeps
    it was only recently that i got to know about the Joongbo craze..
    i wonder if anyone care to clarify with me if KHJ’s really in love with Hwang Bo?

    from the 3rd video, was it a real confession or just one of the advertising gimmick for both of them for ‘we got married’?

    how HwangBo felt for him too?

    thanks! i would appreciate your replies! 🙂

  40. grasya Says:

    To alexia, yeah, i think they do felt something for each other … it is hard to be faking your feelings all the time in a reality show. Who would not fall in love with someone like HwangBo who is smart, kind, sexy, caring, and someone who knows hows to cook and do any kind of household work? She’s tough yet with a feminine touch. What more can a guys ask for? JoongBo fighting!

  41. bing Says:

    why are we really crazy about them? maybe because we can feel that they are soulmates.
    let us help them be together,we should invite them in our countries, and request them both for a concert together.hehehe so they can be close together again. hey! all of you who’s in the music industry try to make a concert for them and we will support you! We can still save the love that they have for each other! fighting!

    1. lemondew Says:

      I have to agree. Why on earth do people get hooked on them… still? like me. hehe. I was trying to look something that would inspire me to create an mv again, browsed through a lot of drama mvs, but saw nothing that would give me that push, ’til I stumbled upon WGM clip… Joongbo had something good together… I think I’m slowly getting that inspiration.

  42. rhiz Says:

    I’ve never been crazy about anyone before until I’ve watched Boys Over Flowers with KHJ as one of its lead stars. This lead me to searching about him in the net and eventually…to We Got Married with Hwang Bo. I must say, I’m hooked!! I love them so much!

    They have this unique kind of relationship that made me believe in love at its truest form. Thank you for this blog…let’s keep spreading the JoongBo love around the world. I miss the Lettuce couple. Truly, they are God’s blessings to all of us.

  43. mona Says:

    Why I become crazy about them? Because they give so much Joy to me.Just watching them , consoling my tiring day.

  44. Cheryl C Says:

    Thanks for sharing this!
    My friend & I love Joongbo couple very much!

    Hope to see more updates here!

  45. Gerri Says:

    i love them so much. really sad that they left the show.

  46. Jodi Says:

    yep, I love them and crazy about them too. I hope it will come true, hix hix. they’re so cute together

  47. N.Ling Says:

    I hope they will continue the joongbo series again.. I love them very muchiee…. So, matching! They make my life so ‘shine’ ~ (happieee) after i watched them. Really, really sad when i watch the last episode.. Why like tat????? 😦

  48. mina Says:

    guyz! i don’t know where to post this urgent message for all joongboers! i just visited hwangbo’s minihompy.. [].. i was just browsing.. well her message is still the same.. “i only have eyes for you where ever you are…no matter what i see…so…I’m ok…Don’t worry about it but…” well i’m still wondering what she’s trying to say there. but i noticed her miniroom.. A GIRL AND A BOY RUNNING IN THE RAIN.. kinda reminds me of something. Then… on the upper left side, on her picture, there’s this wings with heart and a bubble saying “I WILL TURN TO YOU”. I clicked it, and a new minihompy appeared.. and guess who i saw!!! i thought i was gonna have a heart attack when i saw the SHILLANG’S PICTURE! i even tried clicking it again and again to see if it’s just a random minihompy.. but it’s not. wonder why it was there on hwangbo’s minihompy.. The owner of the other minihompy seems like a joongbo fan too.. just browse on the photos.. 😀 i captured it on video too. don’t know when and where i can upload it. To the web master of this site, i can give you the video! hahaha! don’t know what this means, but i’m excited!! you can contact me here:

    1. leiron71 Says:

      mina, thanks for this info, i checked and you’re right… but i can’t watch the video so i’ll better wait for you to upload it 🙂

      1. mina Says:

        hmm.. i think i know the missing part on hwangbo’s status message. it ends in “but…”, right? maybe it means “i’m okay, but…i miss u.” the icon on her page, the one w/c links to the other minihompy is wings w/ heart. i just remembered, it’s the same icon used on the other minihompy’s joongbo photos…i think hwangbo really wanted to link to those photos. it was kinda discreet, actually. who would think to click that icon on her page? it doesn’t even look like a button/link. she really misses him, i think…

        1. umie Says:

          huhuhu..:( miss them damn much..!!!

  49. mina Says:

    waahh! the link disappeared from her minihompy! good thing i captured it on video! gotta upload it tomorrow on youtube!

    1. leiron71 Says:

      really?! good thing that you get it, i’ll wait for that… thanks 🙂

      1. annie arrieta Says:

        where can i watch dis video…i’m such a joongbo fanatic now since i’ve watched WGM a month ago..i’m soo addicted to it now..there’s love all over the world becoz of them…

    2. Anonymous Says:

      mina,,i want to see ,

  50. kimchi Says:

    That article is not related to joongbo. But I think everyone should read it. Kang Eun Bi attempted suicide 3 times because of antis.. Imagine if that is hwangbo being attacked by antis because of hyunjoong.. so i guess their silence is reasonable.

  51. Rina Says:

    thanks for all about joongbo, i’m really like them.

  52. Chubbydwi Says:

    I love Joongbo! I cried when their story ends… i really wish if they really have a real feeling to each other… they can be together in real life… i dont understand those antis… i thougt you should be happy when you see your idol also happy… how selfish they are and they still claiming that they love hyunjoong??? non sense!!

  53. raa Says:

    plz help me!!

    i realy realy miss them so badly..hiks T_T

  54. beebie Says:

    i haven’t never interested in the show ‘WGM’ in the first time when i saw on any web coz i don’t know hwangbo and not much to know about hyun joong but there is once time to see through local cable and i found it’s attracted my heart and i find to buy dvd joongbo couple only..and i became a person who so crazy in them now.. i loves hyun joong in wgm more than bof coz i don’t like ji hoon caracter and don’t like hyun joong to close up other girl not hwang bo and i really hope they become a real couple in their real life…

    1. umie Says:


  55. hj love Says:

    im one of ssangchu lover, i cant get enough about them. no one can make me this crazy except ssangchu. i want to have a married live like ssangchu had.
    hyunjoong ah, hwang bo ah, get married for real, and no divorce.
    love u, from indonesia fan.

  56. annie Says:

    I’m delighted them too ja.

  57. TAm Says:

    love you Hwang bo

    1. TAm Says:

      ฉัน รักเธอ Hwanng bo

  58. Cyn Says:

    Love both of them, love to see them together, been trying to look around for new news about both of them :)…..really hope they can end up together.

  59. Sue Says:

    Anyone knows whether they still contacting each other??

  60. Q Says:

    i don’t like them to be together!! hwang bo just seems so old with hyun joong.

  61. aurare Says:

    i love them all thing they did together
    i hope they get marride real life

  62. umie Says:

    hihihihi..excuse me…me too.i love ssangchoo couple damn much..!!!joongbo hwaithing..!! i agree to help them together…really really hope they be together in real life…huhuhuhu…and you know what,they’re sweet couple i ever seen…kekekeke…and then i knew that wgm come with second season but….no ssangchoo couple 😦

  63. umie Says:

    mina thanks for the info,hope thats for real .yay..!!joongbo hwaithing..aww,i’m sooo exciting,..!!lol…
    i agree with beebie..i can’t see KHJ with another girl unless just HWANGBO..!!huuuu…

  64. dalja Says:

    i love joongbo

  65. aurare Says:

    both ot them sooo cute
    i love and miss joongbo soooooooo muchhhhhh.

  66. sosoma Says:

    Joongbo forever!Their love fame will never die.The magic spell “To The World” will relly tie them together one day.

  67. aurare Says:

    misss both of them ‘joongbo’

  68. lulu Says:

    miss the “lettuce couple”. I hope one day they will continue their story for real.I’m a fan from the Philippines. Been dying to hear news about KHJ and HB being together in real life. Well at this age and time , fans should become more understanding. If it’s fate then it’s fate!”To the world!”

  69. aurare Says:

    miss joongbo. i love them tooooooooooooooooooooo

  70. aurare Says:

    shillang promoted new album “Break Down” . i miss Buin tooooooooooooooooo.

  71. zzzzz Says:

    i hate hwangbo but love hyun joong kim

    1. BabyG Says:

      Just expressed your love .. and no need to show your hate .. she had done nothing to you personally to cause your hate … only bad people is capable of hating people without reason …..

  72. Anonymous Says:

    I love this couple and they wittiness!!! They are the best!!!!

  73. nunook Says:

    I like joongbo and miss tooooo

  74. byjmckhj Says:

    i so miss JoongBo too >_< i am new in their world but every day i keep falling inlove with them.. keke…

  75. zgarzz Says:

    i’m a new joongbo fanatic. i’ve watched wgm lettuce couple episode from youtube and dailymotion just recently. their age gap may be big but i think it doesn’t matter. look how they made each other happy.

  76. rowenatalves Says:

    i adore this couple, i can say i used to imitate them in my married life. and its seems works out in may married life both, makes me inspire, happy and thingking positively.i just pray they will end up together for real.trully my life becomes more colorful with their story. i will pray that god will make a way for both of you.god bless…

  77. Luisa Says:

    Me parece que se acoplaron perfectamente, no era fan de KHJ ni de HB, pero, luego de ver esto me encantan…y si creo que fue màs allà de la pantalla!!!

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