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I was attacked by my JoongBo sickness again.. and was really missing JoongBo seeing in one screen.. 😦

I have finished all their WGM episodes.. but it’s still not enough.. so to remedy my melancholy and joongbo deprived heart, i compiled their first x-man episode.. even though the clips are quite old, i still find them funny..

Here’s a cut of their famous ‘dangyunhaji’ encounter (not part of their first episode though).. 😀

I’m sure all loyal die hard JoongBoers have seen this already.. But i still enjoy watching it over and over again.. especially those stealing glances that HyunJoong is making on HwangBo..


X-man 42, Episode 94

the rest are inside.. 😉


Korean Boy Group SS501 recently appointed as KAC ambassador.. also sang the its new theme song..


credit: hoonfami of yt


Now.. if you want to watch it w/ english subs..

w/ english subs inside.. 😉

These pics has been spreading like wildfire in JoongBo Kingdom as soon as sammikoo of soompi has shared these valuable information..

Lucky JoongBoers from Baidu Ssangchu Island had their once in a lifetime experience of taking pic with ss501 at the HK FanMeet.. bearing their gifts to Sshillang and a very large JoongBo banner!! ~~LoL~! Enough for Kim HyunJoong to see..


And Sshillang was helping to hold the banner.. So cute!! 😛 As you can see.. It is not HJBaby’s left hand as he holding one of the gifts.. and the fan on Sshillang’s right was posing a v sign with her right hand.. therefore.. it must be kim HyunJoong’s right hand that is holding the banner..


And look at Sshillang’s expression.. I don’t know if he’s trying to be reserve but really wanting to spread that wide smile.. (trying hard not to show favoritism of fanclubs??? lol~~!) or just being plain 4D..

Thank you so much Ssangchu Island and Sammikoo for sharing these wonderful pics!!!! I’m so proud to be a JoongBoer!!!

Thank you Amanda for the heads up.. 🙂 as soon as i read your comment, i searched in haste and posted these pics right away..

Friends, I have to take a leave again for about a week.. I’m so sorry.. my schedule is just unpredictable.. schoolwork is piling up again upto my neck that i have to be gone again for a short time only.. 😦

Annne.. I’m sorry i wasn’t able to reply to your comments.. i just sneaked in for a moment just to post this..

See you in a week!!! 😉

Many JoongBoers noticed on the recent Infinity girls that HwangBo seemed to have reformed her couple Ts as how HyunJoong reformed his couple T-shirt (so that it wouldn’t be identical..) when they were still married..

Is HwangBo following HyunJoong’s lead??

How fitting is it that she styled her shirt the same v-cut  that HyunJoong styled during their honeymoon in Jejudo.. 🙂


Meanwhile..  as observed by an Anonymous JoongBoer (thanks for sharing!! 🙂 ).. After HJ being spotted with the serenity bracelet.. are the couple now sporting the same bracelet???

What do you think?? Is it the same???

same bracelet

WoW!! JoongBoer are really the best!!! and rich too!! ~~LoL!!


1.Guitar&paper cranes +family vow/banner


2.Another Guitar&paper cranes +family vow/banner


3.A letter addressed to Ssangchoo Couple on the bamboo strips


credits to Elsa106@Baidu Ssangchoo Island and sammikoo of soompi for sharing.. ♥

JoongBoers around the world are  rejoicing once again!!!

As Shared by our joongboer taiwan representative, let’s call her by the name of 08.. The baidu ssangchu island has prepared a big JoongBo welcome board for Kim HyunJoong that is full of pics of our Buin and Sshillang.. as you can see below..

Kim HyunJoong spotted the board then smiled..

08 shared:

English Trans..

HJ noticed the sign board from the begining, then he had been focusing on it.. the board was blocked by camera, 08(our beloved joongboer who’s holding the board) moved to the right, HJ was passing by soon, he was still staring at the board..the last exciting scenes is:

<<he smiled and greeted 08, and patted the board!!!!!!!!!!!>>

In chinese..




weeeeeeee!!! JoongBoers are the best!!!

Thank you Baidu Ssangchu Island and keepfalling of soompi for sharing to us non-chinese joongboers..

Pix and Video inside.. 😉

These are old photos.. pix from his old BOF days..

You may have seen some of the pix(maybe all???).. But he’s just oh so cute in here and soooo adorable that I really really have to blog them..

come inside please.. 😉

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