We Got Married – JoongBo cuts in .avi format (MegaUpload)

JoongBo1: First Day of Marriage download
JoongBo2: Housewarming Party download
JoongBo3: Spending Day-off Together download
JoongBo4: Make a Memory – Moving to a New House download
JoongBo5: Japan Trip download
JoongBo6: Go on Vacation with Couples download
JoongBo7: 100 Day Wedding Anniversary Photoshoot download
JoongBo8: Experiencing Farm as a Couple download
JoongBo9: Farewell Vacation download
JoongBo10: Ant Tour download
JoongBo11: Everland Adventure/Matchmaking download
JoongBo12: Sshillang’s One Day Manager/Buin’s Busan Performance download
JoongBo13: Spending Winter Together download
JoongBo14: Farewell Trip to Jejudo download


We Got Married Specials
WGM ep25: Chuseok special download

for the come to play specials.. the files are on my laptop and it crashed the other day.. 😦  😦


SS501 Solo Collection

01 Please Be Good to Me 제발 잘해줘 (현중 Solo) Download
02 Nameless Memories 이름없는 기억 (영생 Solo) Download
03 Wuss Up (feat. 태완 a.k.a C-Luv & Star Trak) (규종 Solo) Download
04 If You Cannot 하면은 안돼 (feat. 지선) (정민 Solo) Download
05 Hey G (feat. Mellow) (형준 Solo) Download
06 I Wont Be A Coward 비겁하지 않겠어 Download


SS501’s Super Hits Album (Taiwan Deluxe Edition) in .rar


Ss501’s Romantic Sky in .mp4 format
credit: quiante subbing team + Annne for the download links

Romantic Sky Episode 1

Romantic Sky Episode 2

Romantic Sky Episode 3


SS501 Solo Collection Episode 1 MV feat. Heo Youngsaeng’s Nameless Memories in .mp4 format


SS501’s Deja Vu Live Performance at A.Pacific S.Model Contest in .mp4 format


SS501’s In A Rush Performance in .mp4 format


HwangBo’s Gift for Him Album in .rar


HwangBo’s Can’t Believe The Words in .rar


57 Responses to “DownLoads”

  1. Annne Says:

    woo finally download links for wgm
    omg omg omg xD

  2. Annne Says:

    hey i got some more ss501 videos that i can upload
    xD like the recent mv… english subtitles ehehehehehe

    if you want it ill upload it (y)

    1. Anne Says:

      heres my media fire account 😀

  3. jena yan Says:

    Hi Annne!!! You’re such an angel!!!

    Thank you so muuuuuuch!!! don’t worry I’ll post your uploaded files.. the ones you allow only.. 🙂

    1. Anne Says:

      you can use whichever files u want xD

  4. wolfpeach Says:

    *scream* i am currently downloading the first WHOLE

  5. wolfpeach Says:

    forgive that first post. okay i was so excited when i noticed that downloads tab and saw that it has downloadable JOONGBO cuts! this really made me happy! really! i really love you and your blog site!!!!!! ♥♥♥

    1. jena yan Says:

      hihi..**giggles** thanks wolfpeach!!

  6. Anne Says:

    good news, im uploading the super hits album
    bad news is, i’m very noob so i havnt worked out how to compress files properly *face palm*

  7. Annne Says:

    hey i uploaded more stuff on mediafire ^^

  8. corsie Says:

    hi, i liked KHJ when i watched boys over flowers but i started to love him during the WGM–and i started to like hwangbo as well!

    i hope and wish that joongbo couple is dating for real…they compliment each other…

    i can’t understand korean–so i was elated when i found this site.

    thank you!

  9. Mel Says:

    Love your website!! I’m so glad that I found it. I’ve been downloading 1 episode each day.

    Thank you so much for doing the JoongBo cuts. However, I downloaded a couple of the episodes but I think the housewarming episode is missing part of the ending as it suddenly ended without the part where KJ jumped into the pool and KHJ and HB in the pool. Or did I not download the file properly?


    1. wolfpeach Says:

      I’ve already downloaded that housewarming episode and the part that you’re looking for is included there. maybe try downloading it again. 🙂

      1. Mel Says:

        Great idea! I just re-downloaded the episode and there was a difference. My 1st download only had 38 min and the 2nd downloand had 50 min.
        Thanks for your help

        1. wolfpeach Says:

          no prob. ^^

  10. jza Says:

    Hi! so cool website you have here! 🙂

    Really thankfull that I found this site…I always want to download the Joongbo episodes eversince I’ve watched it last 3 months ago.. now that i can download it.. I can watch it more times non-stop than before. 🙂

    Keep up the goodwork!More power! I’ll always visit your site for KHJ & HB updates coz’ i’ll always believe in JOONGBO chemistry. FIGHTING! 🙂

  11. llyne Says:

    thankyou so much! u have no idea how grateful i am to see all these files up for downloads! i’ve been looking for them for ages! Thank God for you!!! 😀 bestest site ever!!

  12. Liny Says:

    OMG Thank You So Much!!! Visiting your blog is my daily habit now… It gave me so much inspiration to carry on JoongBo love hehe!!!
    Yeah they’re not just a celebrity couple that entertained us in a variety show…
    JoongBo respresented to the idea love has no boundaries haha!!! OMG I’m addicted to this couple too ^o^

    Thank You so much for sharing this!!!
    I’m just so so greatful…. Please help us to keep in touch with our beloved couple!!!

    BTW Can I aska you 1 question please???
    I don’t know how to join the vids together as u did for JoongBo cut vids…
    Wat software did you use??? If you have free time, please help me out…
    don’t worry if you’re busy!!!
    Thank you again ^o^!!!

    Have a good day and enjoy our JoongBo’s love in the air hehe!!!

  13. Moi Says:

    Thanks so much!

    If you can somehow get hold of the “Come to Play” episodes, would really appreciate if they can be uploaded too.

    Only managed to watch them once. Always have trouble watching DailyMotion videos – somehow they just stop midway.

  14. ae cho Says:

    AAHHHRRGGHHH….. why cant i seem to dload though. it always says file dlod xceeded. so sad… anyway, u have a great page. keep it up!

  15. Y Says:

    Hi Jena,

    would you know where I can watch/download the early episodes of M!Pick with SS501? 🙂 I can’t seem to find them anywhere.


  16. wolfpeach Says:

    hi blogmaster! seems like your busy again. 🙂 i just finished downloading the whole WGM cuts of our fave couples. my friend saw the clip and he got interested so much he’s demanding me on showing him the whole thing! he became an instant fan! and he also thinks the way we all think..”hope they’ll be together for real..” haha. yeah, they really should! xD

    tnx again for those wgm cuts. now i can watch it over and over again! 😀

  17. S Says:

    I hope this is not too much to ask but I was wondering if anyone has split versions of the WGM episodes especially the 700MB ones. Direct downloading is a pain to me since somehow, halfway through, my net might freeze up or something. If anyone can help me with this, I will be really, really grateful to that person…


      1. S Says:

        Thanks so much for replying!
        I forgot to click the “notify me of follow-up comments via email” that’s why I didn’t get to see this earlier.

        Again, many thanks! 😀

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks so much for the Wgm download links!!!!!!!!

  19. Anonymous Says:

    hi! i’m a big fan of the ssangchu couple but then i’m chinese and megaupload doesn’t serve my area for some reason…may i ask if it is possible if u can upload the files to mediafire so that i can download them form mediafire instead?? i reli like them!! i’ve seraching for links to download the episodes with subtitles for months!! can u help me??

    1. leiron71 Says:

      you can try at ssangchu heaven blog

      1. syida Says:

        can u give ssangchu heaven blog url??

  20. Zung Says:

    Hi, I’m trying 2 find Hope your love is happy song that HB told Shinlang to listen to it. If anyone knows where I can download it, pleaseeeee help!!!

  21. wolfpeach Says:

    this is what i found when i was looking for it. it’s just an instrumental. but i’ve read somewhere that this instrumental has a lyrics… and that’s what hwangbo was talking about…

    link: http://www.4shared.com/file/113866409/6719639/EP37_-_Hope_Your_Love_will_be_happy_.html

  22. ZAG Says:

    waa~ thank you …you amazing

  23. jan Says:

    thank you so much for the WGM downloads!! i was looking for it and when i found it here, i was so happy. thank you thank you thank you..

  24. Tina Says:

    Thankyou so much for all the effort you put on this page. It’s truly appreciated! JoongBo ❤

  25. wde Says:

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  26. cap hat shop Says:

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  27. noveen Says:

    I hope it’s not late to know WGM JoongBo.
    It’s sad that I know it very late.
    But thanks for all links are still working.
    Fighting !! ^^

  28. loveless Says:

    thanks to u finally i can see it

    really thank you

    just can i ask u something

    ep 37 cant e it or download its from my lab
    can u upload it to mediafire and come to play ep’s
    just this pleaaaaaaaaaaaaas ><

  29. it is a great blog, thank you very much!!!

  30. PJupiter Says:

    Thank you sooo much!! I’ve been loving this couple ever since 2008, and now I’m finally able to download their episodes for my personal collection thanks to you 😀

  31. cs Says:

    Hi Shigellavirus,

    Romantic Sky Episode 1 part 3 is missing, can u reupload? thanks

  32. myriad0 Says:

    hi, is it possible to upload the wgm episodes in mediafire?

  33. huayyu Says:

    hi! just want to ask if you know the song that hwangbo played when they are having breakfast in japan where ss501 said that it’s hwangbo’s song?

  34. rizza Says:

    Thank you very much for the download links. I really adore and like this couple. They were the the couple that got me hooked in WGM in the first place, which led me to my now also fave Adam couple. =)

  35. lala Says:

    hey babe ! do you have we got married nichkhun and victoria season to download ? i really need the that link to download . help me please

    1. HJ&HB forever Says:

      With utmost respect for this blog, this is “SSangchu blog”. If you like to find download link of N&V you better search for fan blogs of the couple.

  36. Listless Says:

    Hi, thanks for the vids, but I was wondering where I could find the rest of episode 3, the rest of the housewarming with SS501.

    1. Listless Says:

      Woops, disregard that. My mistake, I had the wrong video.

  37. DeNote Says:

    Thank goodness I found this website! All the TungTung download links are expired! I couldn’t find any more WGM episodes pass 25. I’m so thankful that you have all the JoongBo cuts ^_^ They’re my favorite WGM couple then and now.

  38. khj_lover Says:

    thanks for all the downloadables you posted.. i’m almost done with the JoongBo WGM videos.. now DL-ing Romantic Sky Ep 1.. but part3 is not working.. =(

  39. Jo Says:

    how can i download is our country banned megaupload????? surp :((((((((

  40. wulan Says:

    thank you so much for the all the episodes link 🙂

  41. naomi Says:

    the link are broken. is it possible for you fix it..this is the only link i able to find. please help 😦

  42. Anonymous Says:

    i cant download the video.can u help me pliz? 😦

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