Here’s a compilation of all the episodes of our favorite SsangChu Couple!!

Video Credits: Episode 1-21: KoreanSubUtd + Episode 22-38: subs by Muish; hardsubbed by tungtung fansubs

YeY!! this page is finally done!! 😀 and JoongBo cuts downloadable links are all available too.. (links are also posted on the download page..)
i have combined 2 or 3 cuts to come up with a total of 14 JoongBo episodes.. I hope you don’t mind.. I’m not really a pro in editing.. so pardon me if it is badly edited.. 🙂did you like the fornat?? if not, i can also upload JoongBo cuts according to WGM episodes.. just inform me if want the latter format..
for those who have downloaded joongbo cut ep2.. I’m so sorry to have uploaded the wrong file.. 😦 i have now placed the correct link.. happy downloading! 😉

JoongBo1: First Day of Marriage download

Episode 9 – May 11, 2008

 Episode 10 – May 18, 2008

JoongBo2: Housewarming Party download

Episode 11 – May 25, 2008

Episode 12 – June 01, 2008

 Episode 13 – June 08, 2008

JoongBo3: Spending Day-off Together download

Episode 14 – June 15, 2008

Episode 15 – June 22, 2008

JoongBo4: Make a Memory – Moving to a New House download

Episode 16 – June 29, 2008

Episode 17 – July 06, 2008

JoongBo5: Japan Trip download

Episode 18 – July 13, 2008

Episode 19 – July 20, 2008

JoongBo6: Go on Vacation with Couples download

Episode 20 – July 27, 2008

Episode 21 – August 03, 2008

 JoongBo7: 100 Day Wedding Anniversary Photoshoot download

Episode 22 – August 24, 2008

Episode 23 – August 31, 2008

JoongBo8: Experiencing Farm as a Couple download

Episode 24 – September 07, 2008

Episode 26 – September 21, 2008

JoongBo9: Farewell Vacation download

Episode 27 – September 28, 2008

Episode 28 – October 05, 2008

JoongBo10: Ant Tour download

Episode 29 – October 12, 2008


Episode 30 – October 19, 2008



JoongBo11: Everland Adventure/Matchmaking download

Episode 31 – October 26, 2008

Episode 32 – November 02, 2008

Episode 33 – November 09, 2008

JoongBo12: Sshillang’s One Day Manager/Buin’s Busan Performance download

Episode 34 – November 16, 2008

 Episode 35 – November 23, 2008

JoongBo13: Spending Winter Together download

Episode 36 – November 30, 2008

JoongBo14: Farewell Trip to Jejudo download

Episode 37 – December 07, 2008

Episode 38 – December 14, 2008

WGM Specials

Come To Play1 –  June 09, 2008


Come to Play2 – June 16, 2008



Chuseok Special – September 14, 2008



I have been planning to put up this page since I started this blog.. But time was really a contraint..

I have wanted a site were all JoongBoers can watch all the Lettuce Couple’s episode.. If you have any tips on how to upload HQ video in googlevideo, I’d really appreciate it.. I’m so new in this.. and I really want to make this project of mine well..

I hope I can upload all their episodes the soonest possible time..

I haven’t quality checked the videos.. kindly tell me if the video and audio doesn’t synced..

thanks guys! 🙂


89 Responses to “JoongBo Epi’s”

  1. maika Says:

    this project’s pretty good. i’ll refer to this page whenever i keep on missing JoongBo in the future. 😀 thank you for all the news, summaries and efforts up till now.


  2. Nonie Says:

    look good…

    I’ve been checking your site like million times now… and I always have this in mind…
    “why there is no update?”

    aaah so u’re having this project…

    good luck. I’ll keep coming and wait for u’re update.

  3. ein Says:

    OMG!!! I love you! Thank you for your hardwork *bows* I’ll be visiting this page for update ok. *chuuuu*

  4. i missed them… i kept watching lettuce couple episode everyday… hope they get back together…for sure bit hit again…they acted normal..not boring couple…

  5. kat Says:

    thank you! please do upload all their videos! i’ve been looking for a site that has all of them. i’m sure this will take alot of your time so thank you so much!

  6. Shiling Says:


  7. J Boo Says:

    Does anyone know where I can download HB’s Get Hot song WITH HJ’s guitar solo in there??? I found the remix but does not have the guitar part…. Thanks! BTW, love your site!

  8. leiron71 Says:

    thanks for sharing all those videos, i really miz JOONGBO’s COUPLE…and i love this couple so much… they are so unique and i like them for being natural, simple and the way they took care for each other…

  9. leiron71 Says:

    please.. upload the other episodes of our beloved couple… every night i always visit your site, coz i can only watch here and get some updates about them.. actually more than nth time i watch it and i am not tired doing it.. thanks

    1. jena yan Says:

      oh thanks so much leiron!!! actually i’m having a hard time uploading videos on googlevideo right now..

      but since i know you’re waiting.. :)i’ll double up my time and think of other means..

      sorry leiron..

  10. leiron71 Says:

    hi jena 🙂 sorry if i gave a hard time and at the same i really want to say thank you for granting my request and always giving time to share and update us about the new activities of our loving joongbo couple…. i’ll keep waiting, again thanks a lot, take care!!

  11. koala157 Says:

    woot!woot! this is awesome.
    Just wondering though, do you happen to downloadable JB cuts too?? I’ve been searching high and low for the sub jb cuts for ep34-38 to no avail….

    1. jena yan Says:

      Hi koala!

      that’s the next stage of my project.. 🙂 to post downloadable links of JB cuts.. but i have to finish uploading all their episodes first..

      hope you can stick around by that time.. sorry to make you wait.. but i will do my best to post it asap.. 🙂

      thanks for visiting!

  12. gee Says:

    I really envious of your project, I wish I have the patient and knowledge like you,

  13. anna Says:

    thank u so much for yr efforts. well done, i’m really enjoyed it. hope can c the rest of da video asap.. god bless

  14. liz Says:

    oh thank you thank you!! i shall wait patiently for all the SsangChu downloadable episodes… if a DVD on joonbo cuts ever releases I will definitely grab it!!

  15. leiron71 Says:

    jena, thanks for updating those episodes… i’ll keep waiting for the next update.. just asking, do you have any plan to make a special dvd of JOONGBO ep? just like what liz says, if ever that their is someone who do this project, i will also grab a copy…

  16. sophia Says:

    i love this couple..and thanks SO MUCH for doing this..

  17. marina Says:

    you’re great
    pliz continue!!!
    i check this page everyday!!!!

  18. leiron71 Says:

    hi jena 🙂 I always check your site and it’s been such a long long time that you didn’t update any news about HJ and HB,and also updating some of their episodes in wgm… i think you are really busy that’s why you have no time to do some update… don’t worry i’ll still keep waiting for your updates.. thanks

  19. Gigi Says:

    Wow, this is such a great project. I realize that I have not seen Come To Play. Now I am dying to see it. I’ll come back another time to check it out. This beats searching forever in youtube. Thank you for your efforts!

  20. kwin Says:

    many thanks for this. joongbo forever!!! i hope that ss501 and hwang bo will do some collaboration in their music albums, that will be so fantastic!

  21. kathie Says:

    i hope you get to upload other episodes! especially the Everland Adventure/Matchmaking, Sshillang’s One Day Manager/Buin’s Busan Performance, Spending Winter Together, Farewell Trip to Jejudo!

    i’ll be waiting! hope it will be soon!

  22. gyo Says:

    thanks so much for putting this up with english subtitles! i have been looking for the come to play episodes in english and finally i found your site…thanks so much!

    blessings to all!

  23. leiron71 Says:

    JENA thanks for adding the WGM SPECIAL.. the most part that I really love to watched was the Peppero Game (correct me if I’m wrong) and the wrestling, I am so surprised when Hyunjoong won against Crown J.. i hope you can post the episode of match making 🙂

  24. Lai-za Says:

    theres no episode 33. huhuhu. but thanks for uploading them

  25. asha Says:

    love this couple…i just finished watching all the WGM episode (9-38) and, really, i just fell inlove with the two of them…i just wish they’ll end up 2012?

  26. xvii Says:

    i’m really curious — when they did “Come to Play” were Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo still on WGM or was it after they left the show?

    1. jena yan Says:

      xvii, ‘come to play’ was filmed when they were still in WGM.. It was 4 weeks after they got married.. so they were relatively the new couple and still awkward with each other in when they were filming this show..

      1. hana Says:

        oh no wonder, both of them still looks awkward towards each other..i assumed come to play is after they have finished WGM. thanx for d info jena

      2. xvii Says:

        thought so. thanks much for the info! 🙂

  27. Y Says:

    Hi! do you know where i can see a copy of the 100 question and answers filled by hwang bo?

    1. jena yan Says:

      hi Y! I’ve added HwangBo’s 100 Q&A on her page (about HwangBo)..

      regarding HJ’s mini-hompy, I don’t think he has a personal site.. its more of a group homepage.. if he has one, I don’t think it has been disclosed to the public.. but I’m not sure about this.. I’m open to anyone to correct me.. It would be great if someone could tell us his mini-hompage.. 😉

      1. Y Says:

        wow! thanks! 🙂
        i really hope we can see HJ’s mini-hompy. 🙂

  28. Y Says:

    do you know the URL of HJ’s mini-homepage that solbi was referring to in the come to play episode?

  29. Y Says:

    hi! i just wanna share this video of joongbo 🙂

  30. asdfg Says:

    it would be cool if u hav download links for these episodes
    ive rewatched it soo many times because i can’t download

    1. jena yan Says:

      asdfg.. since you asked for it.. i have now added the download links for joongbo cuts.. yipee!

      not yet complete though.. but i’ll complete it ASAP!!

  31. Racha Says:

    Hi thanks for uploading the videos with Eng sub! Really enjoyed watching them. BTW, i couldn’t find ep 36. R they not available?

    1. jena yan Says:

      hi racha!!! I haven’t uploaded the video yet.. i think it’ll be available by thursday at the least.. but you can download them if you want.. sorry..

      1. Racha Says:

        Thanks Jena, no hurry. =)

  32. Anne Says:

    jena i dont know if u noticed but when you edited the videos to make them into 14 downloadable eps, you left out ep 13 in joongbo2. Can you edit it again and then reupload it? 😀

    1. jena yan Says:

      Oh did i??.. thanks for the heads up Annne.. Ok.. I’ll upload it right away! 🙂

      I’m currently posting your mediafire files.. 🙂

      1. Anne Says:

        im uploading ss501’s taiwan album
        the Super Hits! one. Omg you have no idea how long it took me to find it, thnk god they invented google 😀

  33. JonJon Says:

    Hi jena,

    Thanks for the wonderful upload. The whole show is really fantastic….

    Thanks a million

  34. em2cee Says:

    hi, jena

    thanks for the upload…i watched joongboo episodes so many times but the thrill while watching it never fades away…the excitement is still there.

    i just love them so much…

    thanks for the english subs since i don’t understand korean…

  35. Anne Says:

    jena do u hav dl links for the wgm specials?

  36. littlemay Says:

    Thank you so much for the download link. I can enjoy watching this all the time now. I can cold turkey if I don’t see Joongbo after a long time. It’s an unfinished Love story, I’m still waiting for the REAL ending.

  37. Tracy Says:

    OMG! I can’t thank you enough for joongbo clips! =] thank you! MAUH!

  38. GaGa Says:

    Hi Jena,
    I wonder if you know the filming dates of all these epidsode? I knew the 1st ep was filmed April 29, 08, and the last one is around mid-oct, just wondering if you know all the details on their filming dates.

  39. Tracy Says:

    Hey I was wondering do you have the dl link for the “Chuseok Special” ? =]

    1. leiron71 Says:

      you can check here at the download forum if not working,you try at the ssangchu heaven blog..

  40. ying Says:

    very much appreciated!!! i love them too.. keep this site going…!!!

  41. Joongbo forever Says:

    Thank you for all your upload, love them so much!

    and.. miss them also! 😦

    maybe in future, we will never to see them together!

  42. Xoxo Says:

    thank you for the uploads. please do not delete this post. I’ve been searching this for long. thanks for the links to dl.

  43. Lettuce Luv Says:

    dnx so much for doin this! i’ve been lookin everywhere for this. xD

  44. idrilgalia Says:

    i love your site. i just recently knew of wgm and started watching the eps. for reviews, i found your site really helpful. these eps really made me laugh. joongbo was just lovable! =D thanks much for this project!!!

  45. mumbo238 Says:

    Can you provide the download link for the rest of the videos? pretty please?

  46. crystal Says:

    i just wanted to say thank you so much for this site!!
    my friend suggested me to watch this couple, but i couldn’t find it anywhere from the beginning until someone kindly gave me the link to your site ^^ At first i didn’t really like hwangbo, but after watching all the episodes i truly enjoyed watching this couple and i even teared up at the finalie 😦 ❤

  47. Pam Says:

    Love this site! Thanks for sharing the joongbo Mv’s 🙂 Appreciate it a lot! Dont delete any of your clips, we all enjoy watching it 🙂

  48. suri Says:

    I’m speechless now because I’m just truly happy :))
    Jena, you’re really awesome , I’m so sure it must hard for you to do this project for wonderful JoongBo couple , really thank you for your hard-work , you did a meaningful project for people who love this couple so much.
    Amazing, thank you so so much again and again .
    I wish Hyun Joong, Hwang Bo always be healthy and happy , so you are Jena, wish you all the best ^^
    Hope to talk to you sometime. See you :))

  49. Trong Says:

    Thanks so much! 🙂

  50. Jasmine Says:

    Hello(: Do you have the videos for episode 25 where all of them are in the studio having some couple games?

  51. Trong Says:

    For Jasmine :

    Look in the downloads section. you’ll find ep. 25, the Chuseok Special there 🙂

    1. Jasmine(: Says:

      Oic. But it’s unavaliable to watch it here right?

  52. Andra Says:

    miss the couple..LOVE Hwang Bo

  53. Jutara Says:

    It took me literally forever to find a download link for the Ssangchu couple! Please know that your effort and generosity is greatly appreciated!!

    They’re really the best on WGM ^_^

  54. Oreiji Says:

    Omg it took me so long to find decent videos for just the ssangchu couple.
    I love this show, although I have to admit I only watch it for this couple XD They’re too adorable!!!
    Thank you so so so soooo much!!!

  55. fangirlizm Says:

    do you have a download for come to play? btw, i downloaded the chuseok special. thanks for the link 😀

  56. feipo753 Says:

    Sorry, I am new here and no good in IT matters.
    May I ask, do I have to subscribe to Megaupload so to download the video for my collection??
    anyone, pls give me advise??
    Thank you so much.

    1. anonymous Says:

      No you don’t have to subscribe…You just have to be really patient..Because it takes a while to download if you are not a member…But you can still download the videos even if you are not a member….

  57. Caroline Says:

    Hi! I don’t know if this is just me, but i don’t think JoongBo3: Spending Day-off Together is working for download.

    Thanks for this btw, i’ve been looking for this fooreeever! =)

  58. dalja Says:

    thank you.good idea and hard work

  59. dalja Says:

    ove this couple

  60. fiz4 Says:

    thx u soooo much and u did a good job!!! i personally as joongbo’s lover owe u a lot for making this special project for us as joongboers!

    thank u.. thank u.. thank u..

    kamsahamnida 😀

    p/s: i miss them a lot! and i luv them sooo much!

  61. snake Says:

    Once I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any means you may remove me from that service? Thanks!

  62. qiingg Says:

    hello!!! i have always wanted to download their episodes!!! thanks so much!! but i was thinking whether r u able to put up the links for the special episodes? 🙂

  63. xchocoxlollix Says:

    hello 😀
    thank you for your effort for even uploading the episodes on MU 😀
    but can i request for those come to play segments as well?
    but if you can’t upload it on a direct link, it’s ok 😀
    thanks again ❤

  64. echie Says:

    really like this couple, they really natural couple…joonbo fghting….

  65. Janice Says:

    Thanks so much!! I was looking for this episodes for sooo long!

    1. Naomi Ching Says:

      you able to watch the video or download it??

  66. Naomi Ching Says:

    can you re-upload the video or fix the link?
    i could not download the video or stream to watch the video.
    please help, thank you very much!

  67. can I upload some of your video on Youtube (I’ll upload it with full credit & source info)?? (episode when the rest SS501 member as guest ^^ >> house warming party, japan trip & matchmaking episode), I really really love Sangchu Couple & SS501 ^_^
    I hope you have no objection to give me a permission..
    kansamhamnida ^__^

  68. […] At first, i didn’t really like hwangbo, but after watching all the episodes, i truly enjoyed watching this couple and i even teared up at the finale - […]

  69. pam Says:

    Im so happy this video is still here! I can come back for it anytime 🙂 DONT EVER ERASE IT PLEASE!! Miss them 🙂

  70. yuki Says:

    can you please upload all joongbo’s cuts to other file sharing site eg: mediafire?
    MU already RIP & my connection is slow to stream at dailymotion.
    thanx in advance!

  71. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, Do you have raw eps? Korea subbed ^^

  72. Anonymous Says:

    i like this page

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