Hi!!! I have added another page wherein you can write anything you like.. It may be your thoughts or what you feel.. Also if you have any questions regarding our favorite couple.. suggestions.. requests.. or just whatever that comes to your mind.. 😀

I’d really like to interact with you and know all of you.. coz I appreciate so much your visits and comments.. Thank you.. Thank You.. Thank You All!!

Your visits motivates me to keep this blog going.. So happy to meet all of you here..

I’m also giving away my e-mail add.. (Am I being presumptuous?)~~LoL!!

It is jena.yan@yahoo.com.. 😉

No hate comments please.. Only positivities and JoongBo love are allowed in this blog..

🙂 😛 😀 😉


166 Responses to “OPEN Thread”

  1. leiron71 Says:

    jena, i want to say thank you so much for all your time and effort just to give us more news and updates of our dear hyunjoong and hwangbo.. i am so thankful that i found this site of yours coz until this time even though that hj and hb are no longer in wgm ( from where we start love this couple ) we are still in touch with them by knowing their activities or projects… i love this couple so much just like other joongboers… let us keep support and love them and lastly pray for all the best for them.. JOONGBO FIGHTING!!

  2. leiron71 Says:

    btw jena.. i like your new poster, looks really more meaningful… God Bless!

  3. jena yan Says:

    thank you leiron!!! I’m always happy to read your comments.. everyday.. 🙂

    even if i’m away.. you still come by and watch out for this blog.. I really appreciate it..

    Let’s continue spreading the JoongBo love..

  4. wolfpeach Says:

    after connecting to the internet i usually start opening 3 tabs. 1 is where i download things, next is my plurk account and your blog site follows. i have been addicted to joongbo couples after watching WGM and your blog site is really feeding my addiction. Ü

    of all your posts this is the one that i’ve watched over and over and over and over again. :p
    https://shigellavirus.wordpress.com/2009/06/17/for-all-of-the-believers/ ÜÜÜ

    i really love your updates! please don’t ever get tired of it. ♥☻☻☻♥

  5. jena yan Says:

    that is so nice to hear wolfpeach!! and so heart warming.. awwwww.. 🙂

    I don’t know what to say.. but.. thank you!

    I had moments where it seems to be tiring already.. but my joongbo love and my joongbo friends still gets over me to continue updating this blog..

    your words just gave me a dose of vitamins.. thank you!

  6. jeanie Says:

    My dear Jena…
    I remember those days when I always looked forward for your summaries of Joongbo episodes…and up until now I always visit your blog to get updates for our favorite couple. That’s why when you hide in your cave(unannounce!) for too long I always wonder when are you coming back. That’s how I miss your updates and your quirkiness.
    From your unnie….

  7. jena yan Says:

    Unnie!!! you’re my favorite unnie, do u know that??? ~LoL..

    Sorry for my unannounced getaway.. they have become frequent and somekindah long.. hahaha~~!

    And I also look forward to your visits.. I don’t know why.. but i’m always happy to see your comments.. gives me somekind of fulfilment.. (I’m being sentimental again.. 😛 )

    Unnie!! Kamsahamnida.. **bow**

  8. JiLL Says:

    I love you for this wonderful site… i officially have BOF withdrawal symptoms, so this helps HEAPS!

    im bookmarking you!


  9. jena yan Says:

    Thank you Jill!!

    Welcome to this blog..

    hope this blog can covert you to be a JoongBo fan too..

    see you around.. 😉

  10. Anne Says:

    hey jena, it’s anne
    i made an account xD
    i’ll give you download links as soon as ive uploaded them 🙂

    1. jena yan Says:

      hi Annne!! I really appreciate your effort.. I have been thanking you all the time but it seems not enough..

      I’m really greateful meeting you.. 😀

  11. Y Says:

    Hi Jena!
    I would just like to thank you for all the effort that you have put in this site. 🙂
    There is never a day where I don’t visit your site. I really really appreciate it. Let’s continue believing! to the world! 🙂

    1. jena yan Says:

      I should be the one thanking you Y.. your visits and us meeting here really means alot to me..

      thanks to JoongBo.. we’re united by one love..

      To The World!!!

  12. sarangyo Says:

    thanks a lot for sharing the JoongBo love I never fail to visit your blog the way I always check on soompi and at proboards chatango also at sshangchu heaven and at Chonsa’s blog. You girls rock and pls continue on so we can be updated on our beloved ssangchu couple’s activities.

  13. jena yan Says:

    thanks sarangyo!! 🙂

    though i’m not at their level yet.. thank you for acknowledging my site.. this is actually my first effort in blogging.. i’m still a neophyte in this blogging world.. ~LoL.. and i have never done this in any celebrity.. JoongBo must really have an effect on people..

    Just like the reason why we are still holding on.. and keeping the faith!!

    Hope you wont get tired visiting this blog.. I’ll be anticipating your next visit.. 😉 (no pressures meant.. lol..)

  14. Anne Says:

    hey jena hav u seen the screen caps of the latest infinity girls? omg soo much skinship between chansung(2pm) and hwangbo.

    OMG OMG a love triangle xD

    1. wolfpeach Says:

      how i’d love to watch that episode! actually i want to watch infinity challenge badly unfortunately i can’t find english subbed videos of it. i feel like taking a korean language lesson! xD

      1. Anne Says:

        they hav that episode on youtube but it hasnt been subbed yet

        i watched it anyway cos hwangbo so pretty, and their were moments that reminded me of wgm xD

  15. jena yan Says:

    yeah saw the caps.. and the skinships too.. but haven’t watched IG yet.. waiting for an english subbed video.. lol..

    that’s a good idea wolfpeach! then sub all hwangbo’s videos!!! ~~lol!!

    please please.. hope there would be a kind soul who would sub this video.. 😛

  16. amanda Says:

    jen! found this and thought you would be interested. take a look at hyun joong’s face!

    1. Anne Says:

      and this too xD

  17. kikeee Says:

    i really love this couple they are the best..
    also,your website is the bomb i really love it…
    i come here everyday….
    keep up the good work…
    ss501 is #1
    joongbo forever..

  18. Anne Says:

    omg i got bored so i went on http://www.mylovecal.com
    and i typed in hyun joong and hwangbo, xD it came up as 92% compatibility. EXACTLY LIKE ON THE CHUSEOK SPECIAL 😀

  19. Anne Says:

    xD this is the funniest blog i ever read xD
    heres a link if your interested 😀

    1. Anne Says:

      omg! you soo have to see this!
      this is like SPAZZ MATERIAL :D:D

  20. leiron71 Says:

    jena, thanks for the wonderful updates.. you really in good mood and with lots of energy this past week…. everyday updates/news of our dear couple, i dont know where should i start coz all you post are so interesting and i am so excited to read it, and at the same time i am also looking some other links that anne and other members post here… i read that you will be out for a while so no updates this coming days, well its okay since we know that studies come first and its really important, we will keep waiting until you come back, good luck, and take care!! JOONGBO FOREVER!! 😀

  21. rhiz Says:

    hi jena,

    foremost, am grateful to you for this wonderful site solely for JoongBo addict like you and me and millions out there too!
    I’m happier now that ever before ‘coz of WGM’s Hyung Joong and Hwang Bo. Am so into them that i hardly get enough sleep every night,just rewatching their episodes, as well as SS501..I think, am so obsessed about them that my work has to be done right away so that I can watch or browse the net for them until the wee hours of the morning..

    Thanks so much..You’re an angel! God bless.
    JoongBo forever!!

    1. jena yan Says:

      thank you rhiz! you’re not the only one whose obsessed and losing sleep.. lol..

      as a joongboer, this is the only thing i can do.. to spread their love until they are married officially!! hohohoh..

  22. Anne Says:

    its finally been released!
    here you go!

    the actual mv of ss501 solo collection

    apparently ep1 was actually a long teaser, no wonder it made me anticipate T_T

  23. wolfpeach Says:

    after i’ve watched the mv of ss501 solo collection i saw this vid. there’s a part here that hyun joong did the same aegyo he showed hwangbo. the mv’s kinda cute…here’s the link


    1. Anne Says:

      yea i saw that tooo

      1. leiron71 Says:

        thanks for sharing link.. how young they are when doing this video?

        1. Anne Says:

          umm the song was realeased in 2006, soo uh abt 20-21?

  24. amanda Says:

    hey jena! hope all’s well with your school and stuff. anyway, just checked in and saw hwang bo’s minihompy and her “skeleton boy” is now a superhero and he changed his hair too just like hyun joong did. and she has couples kissing and running in the rain. awww… hwang bo is practically telling everyone she’s in love. awww..

    1. leiron71 Says:

      hello.. can i ask how can i get into hwang bo’s minihompy? hope you can help me coz i really want to see it.. thanks in advance.. Joongbo fighting!!

        1. Anne Says:

          her minihompy is pretty
          has anyone noticed the little guy dressed as superman? reminds me of hj

          or maybe its just me 😀

          1. leiron71 Says:

            amanda, thanks a lot for granting my request 🙂
            anne, WOW! thanks for the info, i am so excited to see it ;D

            1. Anne Says:

              no prob 😀

  25. kikeee Says:

    hey i just wanna share how wonderful their mv is…..

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    hope this will help….and please dont forget to rate and comment please….
    i really love ss501 and joongbo
    keep up the good work….

    1. kikeee Says:

      guys please support them by rating and commenting this video in youtube you can do that by clicking the video twice please do it………please thank you..

  26. jena yan Says:

    Hi friends!!

    thank you for keeping this site rolling.. especially Annne, Leiron, Amanda, and wolfpeach.. 🙂 and hi Kikeee!! thank u for sharing their mv links..

    I missed u guys!!

    i’ll try to backtrack and respond to your comments..

  27. Anonymous Says:

    no problem dear. it’s our pay back for your continuous updates. 🙂

    1. wolfpeach Says:

      oh i forgot to type my name. :p

  28. leiron71 Says:

    GREAT! and HAPPY! that you back.. we really miss your updates 🙂 as what i’ve said, we will keep waiting for you… WOW! more updates… i am so excited to read it…

  29. Anne Says:

    i dont know if this is old news or anything, but i fond proof that hyun joong got the same ring as hwangbo. both the rings look the same, except for the color

    take a look for your self

  30. jena yan Says:

    oh My!! I just read in chonsa’s blog that HwangBo might have a new program in MBC’s Sunday Sunday!! Hwaaah~~!!! I’m super excited!! 😀

    and her new album will be released next month!! so expect more HwangBo news!!! YeY!!! I really miss HwangBo! 🙂

  31. leiron71 Says:

    Jena, did you know about Hyunjoong as one of the nominees for best actor in Seoul International Drama Awards 2009? I saw and read about this when I checked at ssangchu heaven blog. I am so surprised to see that he’s in the 2nd place as of the time when I drop by to vote and BOF was in 1st place as best drama… hopes other joongboers support our dear Hyunjoong…

    1. jena yan Says:

      hi leiron! uhmm.. actually i am aware that there’s an on-going voting for best actor where HyunJoong is one of the nominees.. but.. i don’t know why.. i’m not that actually elated, that he’s nominated, and excited to vote.. maybe because it is not yet his time to win this award?? i don’t know.. i’m really having mixed feelings about this.. coz half of me is still rooting for him to win.. i’m actually sad while writing about this.. coz it seems that i’m not being a true fan.. 😦

      do you know when’s the voting end?? maybe i can still vote??

      1. leiron71 Says:

        Jena its okay if you feel that way, I know that we all have our own opinion and I respect that… actually when I read some comment at ssangchu blog some of them are not yet agree that hj will be nominated in that category, well we know that its his first acting drama thats why he really need to improved more, but still I am happy to see that he’s in the 2nd place… i think the voting will be until August 30, 2009…

  32. Annne Says:

    the new screen caps for the IG ep with boris is out
    :O his smile is so cheesy

    lol i can so imagine hj breaking a tv right abt now XD

  33. leiron71 Says:

    hello 🙂 i notice that you didn’t make some updates ( this whole week )i really miss your updates… 😀

  34. =P Says:

    While I miss your updates…I’m actually worried about you. You normally leave a message when you’re going to be gone for a long extended time…I just hope things are well and good for you!! We miss you and not just your updates!!

  35. leiron Says:

    Hi Jena 🙂 hope everything are okay, you didn’t inform us about your absence for not updating this pass week, we are so curious and worried that there might be something happened with you… please let us know your condition, everyday I visit your blog hoping that you’re back…take care 😀 we will wait for you and your updates..

  36. Anonymous Says:

    Hi! Jena, What’s up? I just want to say THANK YOU as always for all the wonderful news about JOONGBO…OH! I really really loved them as in they are my life hehehe…Nyways, Thank you again and please do continue posting/updating for our JOONGBO Couple…You rock girl!!!

    1. Anonymous Says:

      Its me Feliciana12 just forgot to add my name..Thanks!!!

  37. Y Says:

    jena! you have to see this! 🙂

    1. wolfpeach Says:

      O_O . . .

      1. Annne Says:

        i watched the fancam too, the chick was groping him T_T

        1. leiron71 Says:

          he’s so so hot 😀 and at the same time i can’t blink my eyes 🙂

  38. Y Says:

    Hi Jena!

    I was wondering.. do you know where i could see a copy of joongbo’s love contract with full translations? i think i saw it somewhere but i can’t remember where… 🙂

  39. hana Says:

    hi jena, how r u, its been a while of u not to post anything new. hope everything is ok on your side n its seem there r also others who r also concerned of your well being. take care ok

  40. Camille Says:

    i miss your updates. i hope you’re ok.

    hope to hear from u soon.

  41. leiron71 Says:

    hello jena :)I hope you’re okay,we really miz you and your updates… take care 😀

  42. jeanie Says:

    Hiding in your cave again? Hope is well with you….
    Unnie jeanie

  43. wolfpeach Says:

    our blogmaster seems really busy these days so let’s keep this blog alive while where waiting for her updates. 🙂

    have you heard the korean drama entitled “that fool”? it is sometimes known as accidental couple. I’m now on it’s 14rh episode and I don’t know why but the scenes has a LOT of similarities from the scenes of the ssangchu couple! REALLY!

    1. wolfpeach Says:

      at first i thought that i’m just missing ssangchu couple so much that i was just imagining these things but after watching few more there are really evident similarities. the male lead even became a one-day manager for the female lead! haha. it was really amusing. if you’ve got nothing to do, watch it. the first parts are sort or boring though. 🙂

  44. kikeee Says:

    hey guys….did you know that hwangbo wore a jihoo character sockss….awww its so cute you guys should see this….
    http://ssangcho.blogspot.com/2009_08_08_archive.html hi jena i hope everything is doing good..and i miss your updates…

  45. =p Says:

    I’m really worried about Jena….I don’t think she would leave this page idle and not let us know…let’s cross our fingers for her!! We miss you!!! We can get our joongbo updates elsewhere but we can’t get another Jena =P

    1. wolfpeach Says:

      agree. it’s been weeeeeksssss. whatever the reason i hope she’s doing fine…

  46. Annne Says:

    whre did u go? DDD:

  47. leiron71 Says:

    I hope you’re doing fine… we miz you and your updates!!! hope you’ll be back soon 🙂

  48. amanda Says:

    hey jen! where in the world are you?? just a heads up, i mean, other than all the “scandal” and stuff you might have missed (teehee..), there’s this chick bashing hwang bo and she’s very mean. here’s her page: http://kpopperator.wordpress.com/2009/08/20/hwang-bo-please-go-away/. and whoever reads this blog too, please set her straight about hwang bo. and btw, my take on the whole hyun joong thing.. until that little guy in her cyworld is gone, i still believe! aja, aja fighting! ^^

    1. wolfpeach Says:

      haha i’ve read the blog and i was so curious about the blogger, looked over the previous posts and here’s what i’ve found…
      haha. maybe that’s why i thought her blog post about hwangbo was odd…odd in a way that she knows EVERYTHING about hwangbo. beginning from x-man until her latest single. :p

      1. leiron71 Says:

        I read it.. gosh she’s really an ANTI, well we cannot please everybody so let her be.. and I think she just only need some attention, one thing do you think she’s obsessed to our dear shillang? and because its really imposible for her to be with HJL that’s why she do such crazy thing? 🙂

        1. wolfpeach Says:

          i think the blogger is best described as ‘good girl gone bad’ xD and i don’t think HJL is the reason for her written harassment to hwangbo. her first blog entry says it all. 🙂

          1. leiron71 Says:

            Oh? I see, and also correct me if I’m wrong I just only thinking, did she need some love and attention? Seems that she has a lot of bitterness and jealousy, the way how she wrote about bad things to HB and how she response to the readers who post their comments.

  49. hana Says:

    hi jena, how r u? missed your updates..
    hope u r ok.. it seems that u r being missed so much by us..
    take care

  50. blur Says:

    I like your blog too..
    just like to share on WGM ep 28, hyun joong and hwangbo are wearing the same gold watch.
    Go take a look! 🙂

  51. amanda Says:

    guys check out hyun joong’s pj bottoms on family outing! someone’s rocking the leopard print. *smiling from ear to ear* watcha think?

  52. asha Says:

    hi Jena, just wondering where u are and how are you. Its been a while since your last post…hope your ok and hope to hear from you soon…(I’m getting worried really!)

  53. wolfpeach Says:

    guys let’s keep this blog site breathing shall we? 🙂

    here’s a news about hyun joong guesting at family outing. http://twistedstars.wordpress.com/2009/08/30/joongri/

    oh i just don’t like the title of the blog post. xD

    jena. jena. jena. hope you’re fine. 🙂

  54. leiron71 Says:

    Guys! Did you know about the SDA 2009? I saw that KHJL was in a first place in a best actor category and BOF as best drama… so this it mean he won? If this is true WOW! this is a great achievement that he get 😀

  55. leiron71 Says:

    Let’s celebrate guys! KHJL won as BEST ACTOR at SDA 2009 🙂 the awards night will be on Sept. 11,2009 at 6:30p.m. KRT (KBS2)

  56. jeanie Says:

    Jena,jena,jena……you haven’t come out yet from your cave? It’s been a while. Hope is well with you.

    Unnie jeanie

  57. Annne Says:

    guys, kim hyun joong got the swine flu D:D:

    1. leiron71 Says:

      what? really???!! hope he will be okay as soon as possible coz his presence is really important this coming sept.11, as we all know he won as Best Actor at SDA 2009 … btw, do you have plan to watch the award ceremony? it will be aired at KBS.

  58. BuySignulair Says:

    alt of intresting info here. thx

  59. Annne Says:

    hey guys i found the joongbo version of lets break away. The one with hwangbo doing featuring at the start
    you can download here: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mdzdtdih5ut

    1. wolfpeach Says:

      i didn’t know that it was the title of the song so i had no idea what you’re talking about. but since it’s joongbo related i downloaded it even without knowing. :p
      tnx for sharing! 😀

      1. Annne Says:

        i took me so long to find that version xD

  60. Dacyl Says:

    Annyooong! 😀
    Just wanna thank you for putting up the download links for ALL the JoongBo episodes. I was able to download most of ’em from tungtungsubs but then some links didn’t work. And YT is banned in here.
    My friend led me to your site saying you have episodes w/ EngSubs. Am currently downloading an episode and I can’t wait to see it. It’s the only episode I haven’t seen yet. So thanks again!!!! Long live JoongBo! And you too! And all the other subbers. xoxo

  61. leiron71 Says:

    hi jena 🙂 hope everythings are okay… we missed you… its really been more than a month that you didn’t do some updates, maybe you are so busy until this time… take care:D hope to hear from you soon…

  62. DrEurope Says:

    Hi, my name is Shanti Sherna from Ukraina. I’m 27 y.
    I just love to read this forum articles & topics discussed here.


  63. Annne Says:

    does anyone know where i can get the wgm come to play episodes?
    i have all the other wgm eps except the come to play specials? anyone got links? D:


  64. Annne Says:

    dont know if this is old newsor anything but i found this site

    this must be an anti joongboer cos she tlks shit abt joongboers and also hb :O

    1. leiron71 Says:

      thats the old news, actually I do post my comment and I think wolfpeach also post there too (wolfpeach correct me if I’m wrong ) on that blog.. you’re right,that person really an anti, we don’t know why she hates Hwangbo so much…

      1. Annne Says:

        she callled hwangbo old D:
        why do all antis say they dont like her cos shes old and “ugly”

        just cos shes not plastic like the other clebrities D:

        and plus everyones gonnag et old sooner or later anyway T_T
        shes aged gracefully:D:D

        and since wen was 30 old?
        old is like 70 and above xD

        1. leiron71 Says:

          I am sure she just only need some attention that’s why she did such a crazy thing…do you think she don’t know the meaning or the difference of being a true person and a plastic person?

          1. wolfpeach Says:

            yup i also replied something on her blog. i don’t know why but somehow i have a different reaction on her posts. its like she know well all the korean artists that she’s ‘insulting’. i mean, would she take effort to search for recent updates on certain artists just to insult them?

            oh forget that girl. :p the latest that i’ve read of hwangbo is that she was involved in a car accident…

            1. leiron71 Says:

              yup, i also read about it, thank god she’s okay.. do you think someone inform KHJL about this incident?

              1. wolfpeach Says:

                i hope so. 🙂

  65. Annne Says:

    my first joongbo tribute mv
    hope you like it
    comment please xD

    gosh jena where are you?:(

    oh and for the people who are pro at youtube uploading, anyone know a good video splitting program?

    1. leiron71 Says:

      I watch the mv that you made… GOSH!! I like it really… GREAT WORK!! 🙂 can you do another one?? If yes, can you inform me about it? Fighting!:D

      1. Squishiee Says:

        yes i will make another one wen there are more coincidences and spazzes

        1. lerion71 Says:

          Really?! WOW!I’ll wait for that 🙂

  66. Annne Says:

    i found the version of get hot with hyunjoong’s guitar solo in it. It’s very clear so i hope you enjoy 🙂


  67. Anne Says:

    hmmm im thinking about making a blog dedicated to ssangchu couple, what do you guys think?

    1. leiron71 Says:

      nice idea… we will support you 🙂 Fighting!!

      1. Squishiee Says:

        if anyones interested i found the dl links for come to play special ^ ^

        Part 1

        Part 2

        Part 3

        Part 4

        by the way these links arent mine xD

  68. wolfpeach Says:

    the fo episode where in hyun joong is the guest have been subbed long before, but then i haven’t watched it yet because lee hyori’s there and i know that HJ said that hyori is(was) her ideal girl. haha. yeah i’m bias! xD

    and i’ve been reading updates on blogs about kpop artists. and i read one update there about hyunjoong throwing a remote control when he saw hyori kissed someone (that was years ago). what if hwangbo did the same thing? will he throw the TV? haha.

  69. wolfpeach Says:

    i saw this on one of the forums that i visit. there’s no translation. but what i know is that kim hyun joong’s pic is ranked first in that pic and ss501 follows. :p

    1. wolfpeach Says:

      oh i think it’s a good model’s poll. wow. ^—————^

      1. leiron71 Says:

        thanks for sharing… KHJL is on top again.. YEHEY!!! btw.. do you have any idea whats going on with jena? I miss her and her updates, I hope she’s doing fine..

        1. wolfpeach Says:

          i don’t know what’s up with our blog master. bet she’s very busy for the mean time. that’s why her updates are in hiatus. we’re all hoping that she’s fine. 🙂

  70. wolfpeach Says:

    so many news about khj. 🙂

    “Flower Boy’ SS501 Kim HyunJoong’s popularity soar”

    full article:


    1. leiron71 Says:

      that’s great news.. btw do you read or know about the Style Icon Awards organized by O’live tv? KHJL is currently in 1st place.. we are not yet so sure that he will kept be in that place since the voting opened till end of oct 31 and the awarding ceremony will be on 11th of Nov.. I hope other joongboers will vote for our dear shillang… actually I already vote 🙂

  71. Annne Says:

    guys ss501’s new album rebirth was leaked today
    really i cant believe ppl are taking leaked tracks 😦

    1. leiron71 Says:

      that was a bad news,i hope the sales of their album will not affected even though this thing happened…

      1. Annne Says:

        i love the songs
        expecially wasteland, love like this and Green Peas

        hehe green peas ^____^

        1. leiron71 Says:

          really? oohhh I’m so excited to hear that song thanks for the info, btw do you have a trans lyrics of that 2 songs can you if yes can I ask for a copy? thanks a lot in advance 🙂 JOONGBO FIGHTING!

          1. Annne Says:

            umm waht songs do you want?
            i think someone posted translations for all the songs

              1. leiron71 Says:

                thanks a lot :).. btw i read at the allkpop blog that KHJL win as a Style Icon ’09, the surprised thing said that its a landslide win… WOW!! I am so Happy… CONGRATULATION! KHJL 🙂

  72. rhiz Says:

    hi jena,

    where on earth are you hiding from? it’s been ages since we see an update from you…i miss you writings. hope you’d come back soon.
    so many things are happening with our Joongbo couple.

    hope and pray that you are alright. my thanks to all Joongbo fans for keeping this Thread active and alive with your Joongbo news. I appreciate it a lot.

    God bless.

  73. wolfpeach Says:

    check this out!
    SS501 is starting to enter our country’s music chart! yay! 😀

    can’t wait to see it on top 10! xD


    1. leiron71 Says:

      my sister told me about this and its really surprised me,i hope their new song love like this will also enter in myx int’l …

      JENA! when will you comeback? we really miz you… UPDATE PLEASE!!!

      1. wolfpeach Says:

        yeah. it’s surprising that many kpop artists are starting to enter our music charts. i hope it continues. :p

        see jena? even if you don’t have your updates we still visit your blog from time to time.
        hope you’re doing fine. 😀

  74. wolfpeach Says:

    hyun joong’s reaction when he saw that it was hyori vs. hwangbo was like “oh this is tough.”

    1. leiron71 Says:

      I also watched that part,at the first 2 part we can see that he smile and can choose so fast, but when hyori and hwangbo pics appeared he really look at lost, i mean mixed emotions… especially the part when he choosed hyori over buin he can’t smile and just bow his head. Do you think, if the production paired hyori and hwangbo with other girls it would be really easy for HJL to choosed? coz for me yes and definitely on the final pair to be pick it will be between hyori and hwangbo. Then the words that HJL said “final round” this is the best part we must waiting for.

      1. wolfpeach Says:

        about your question. yup i think it would be easy. and yes when he said that it should be on the final round that means it’s really tough to choose. he just chose after the host said “just base it on the looks” *hope i remember it right* so that’s it. he chose hyori.

  75. Anonymous Says:

    hello Jena, still hibernating? Where are you?

  76. anonymous Says:

    jena, come on! please give us an update!! 🙂

  77. wolfpeach Says:

    oh hwangbo won’t be on the season 2 of infinity girls. :/

    hey have you visited hwangbo’s mini hompy?
    since i don’t understand korean, those written in english are the only ones that i remember and read.

    the part with
    “i only have eyes for you. wherever you are. no matter what i see. so i’m okay. don’t worry about it. BUT”

    then it ends. i don’t remember seeing the “but” before… i wonder what she’s thinking…

    1. leiron71 Says:

      Definitely the new season really not the same as the first season with HB and other girls… I hope she will have another projects (show)… about her mini hompy, I didn’t check it until this moment, I just wondering, did she watched or someone told her about KHJL answer when he and with other members of SS501 guessed at champagne show? Maybe?? that’s why she wrote it but I hope it is not related with that thing 🙂 cross fingers…

  78. Squishiee Says:

    I heard hyun joong was going to me in a movie called Kimi Wa Petto
    i read the manga, and man there are so many stirking similarities xD

    1. wolfpeach Says:

      i also heard that news. for those who’ve just known hyun joong as jihoo-sunbae, it will be a bit of a shock to see him act matsumot jun’s part in kimi wa petto. :p

      Christmas is getting near… and jena’s not yet here? 🙂

  79. Kim Hyun Joong, “I’ve dated a female celebrity for 5 months before”

    Was it HwangBo? go JoongBo! 😀

    1. leiron71 Says:

      I hope she is… let’s cross finger 🙂

      HEY! JENA, please get out from your cave, we really miz you and your updates… i hope you are okay…

  80. jeanie Says:

    Jena,jena….you left us without saying a word…and goodbye….hope you’re doing fine…

    Back to reality??

    Merry Christmas!

    …Unnie Jeanie

  81. leiron71 Says:

    hi jena, happy holiday! do you really decided to leave us? I hope not, we really miz you… btw.. wolfpeach, annne, squishee, jeannie and to other JOONGBO girls “MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!” i hope you girls have a great time, enjoy your holiday…

    jena, i hope this coming year you’ll be back..


    1. Squishiee Says:

      annne and squishiee are the same person
      my real name is anne but nickname is squishiee

      1. Squishiee Says:

        oh yes and happy holidays to you too ^__^
        hope your 2010 is a good one!

  82. Squishiee Says:

    Hey guys come visit my new site:

    kinda stuck on what to do with the site so anyone wanna gimme tips?

    u can add/email me : waddlewaddle_@hotmail.com

    1. leiron71 Says:

      oopppsss… sorry, i didn’t know that you have a lot aka name, thanks for the info.. you made a new blog good luck!

      1. Squishiee Says:

        yea you guys should come visit the blog, i’m gonna update on joongbo news too 😀

  83. Squishiee Says:

    http://squishieerawrr.blogspot.com/hey guys check out my spazz on hwangbos cyworld
    hehe she had a yoon jihoo character!
    theres more but i wont spoil it ^_^

    1. leiron71 Says:

      hello! anne, thanks for this info, i check hwangbo’s cyworld, the dancing kitten character is so funny and cute but sad to say that jihoo character was not there anymore, i hope she will put it back again 😦 i also love the star with a heart shapes..

      jena, how are you? miz you and your updates…

  84. Anonymous Says:

    Just wanted to thank you for hosting such an uber AWESOME website!!! -^^-

  85. juneone0601 Says:

    hello jena…

    my friend, abby, and I have been trying and trying and trying to get your updates after july 2009…to no avail…we are just wondering why it seems that when we try to google your site, new items are on the tag lines but when we enter the actual site, it is still showing the usual july 2009…

    your site had been our source of glee coz you’re one of the sensible and very diligent ones who own a joongbo thread…you, together with chonsa and ssangchu heaven, among others are doing the millions of addicts like us a very good service/favor…

    pls help us figure our way back into your realm…many thanks…

  86. abi Says:

    Hi jena why did you stop updating your blog??? I and my friend used to visit your blog about Joongbo. Hope to hear more from you

  87. abi Says:

    How can I activate my subscription? I really miss your updates. Thank you

  88. jellybelly Says:

    no more updates? ):

  89. lviceman Says:

    Hello, as you can see this is my first post here.
    I will be glad to receive any help at the start.
    Thanks in advance and good luck! 🙂

  90. jellybelly Says:

    hello! There is this poll going on over at http://news.chosun.com/ent/ent_poll.html

    The Poll Question : Who Is the Most Attractive Couple In WGM?

    Let’s vote for hyun joong and hwangbo!!:)

    To vote for them, just click on the 2nd choice and then left button! Closing date is 28th, so please hurry!

    To the world!:)

  91. wolfpeach Says:

    i still miss you and your updates jena. ^^

  92. sugarstorm05 Says:

    I read on this other WGM site that hyun joong and hwangbo gave advice to the caramel couple (UEE, which is funny bc shes one of HJL ideal girls lol) but I watched ep 1-6 of them and I couldnt find them giving advice anywhere … Do u guys know which ep it is??

  93. sugarstorm05 Says:

    Also I wish they could come back as like special guests and give advice to one of the existing couples it would be soooo cute 😀 lol and watching playful kiss now makes me remember all of the WGM joongbo scenes theyre so similar at times 😛

  94. Belinda Says:

    I just want to say thank you so much for your hard work ! 😀 dang I miss Joongbo! Oppa just finished acting in his drama and HwangBo finished releasing an album, sigh~ I wish we got a WGM SEASON 1 reunion x]

  95. Nuperernaneri Says:

    Hey Guys,

    I’ve been lurking around here for some time now and I decided to register because I really need your help 😦
    I heard alot abot Profit Assassin and I was wondering if any of you knows more about it (I cant find too much info on google about it).


  96. nisha Says:

    hi i just need to know whether kim hyun joong was really responding to any one f u. i am sorry for asking tis.dont mistake me iam also a fan for kim.iam not attracted by his physic but i like him the way of his attitude and the way f growth from his young age to till now.but he should spend time for his fans know?he was having fans all around the world iam accepting.but atleast he can response or spend atleast what we r commenting atleast in this own site like tat.so tat he will know.he can respond atleast once in a day r month.so u people really think he was seeing this n all..iam not telilng anyitng wrong about him.iam just telilng the fact.iam sorry if kim had responded to any one f u.my mail id:nishachannu@gmail.com.thanx.we r expressing our wishes feeling etc which i cam to know here like gudnyt etc etc.bt there should some response know atleast fr few.tats what.

  97. Luisa Says:

    Me encanta este sitio… felicidades!!! Yo pienso que Hwang Bo marcò la vida de Kim Hyun Joong desde la Pareja Lechuga, fuè màs maduro y ahora solista se puede leer mucho entre lìneas… me parece a mì… no era fans de ninguno, pero, a raiz de WGM me enviciè con ellos y he querido averiguar màs… a las super fanàticas, recuerden que los ìdolos son de carne y hueso como nosotros, tienen derecho a vivir su vida, amar, etc… no seamos egoìstas!!!

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