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SS501 Exclusive Interview, Confession of Secrets!
Exclusive Q&A!
Love’s Discussion – What type of girls would attract them?

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Korean Boy Group SS501 recently appointed as KAC ambassador.. also sang the its new theme song..


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“Pretty boy” Kim Hyun Joong’s sudden popularity, contributes to the rise in influence of SS501 led by him, causing Korea Airports Corporation which operates Gimpo International Airport etc, 14 other airports in Korea, to take a fancy to their immense popularity, and invite SS501 to become honorary promotional ambassadors.

Yonhapnews pointed out yesterday, according to Korea Airports Corporation, the popular idol group SS501 who’s well-known within the country as well as outside of it, added on to the good image of the 5 members, as well as their being multi-talented, matches well with the image of Gimpo International Airport, which hopes to become South East Asia’s economic hub airport, therefore, they decided to appoint SS501 as promotional ambassadors.

Yonhapnews points out, Korea Airports Corporation, on the 13th, 2pm, will hold an appointment ceremony in Gimpo International Airport’s Domestic Terminal, and the 5 members of SS501, will also guest star as service and security staff for a day.


Credits: udn.com +(English translation) SS5014ever @ quainte501.com

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If HwangBo is the Hot Noona Terminator.. hehehe.. Kim Hyun Joong is the Noona/Ahjumma killer! LoL~!

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Lee SoRa “Go after Kim HyunJoong if I was 10 years younger”

Lee SoRa expressed her special feelings for singer SS501 Kim HyunJoong.

 Recently through appearance in MBC Yoo JaeSuk Kim WonHee’s “Come to Play – MC Queen Special”, Lee SoRa chose Kim HyunJoong in the section “Ranking 123 as I like” for the question “The guy I would go after if I am 10 years younger”.

She also revealed an incident of how she struggled to be able to see Kim HyunJoong. Lee SoRa said inducing a roar of laughter, “In one event where I was the judge, SS501 came as the guest. I wanted to see Kim HyunJoong so much that I went to the dressing room even though I am not required to and asked ‘Is Mr Kim HyunJoong around?’”

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