YeY!!! Finally an English Subbed video of Moohan Girls with 2PM!!! *rolling on the floor* I’m super happy!!! thanks to the 2PM subbers.. I can finally watch this episode!! I really really really waited for this.. coz I know someone would sub this for sure!!! (have faith w/ 2pm subbers.. hehehe~!)

😦 not sure though w/ the boris episode.. 😦 wanna watch it too.. but i don’t know if there’s some good soul who’ll sub it.. 😦

Is it just me?? It seems that HwangBo’s the only one who’s not excited with 2PM coming over to IG.. LoL~!


JaeBum’s ideal woman is soo obvious!!! Frank and real.. natural beauty.. pretty w/o make-up.. I think JaeBum was sad that HB didn’t step-in in the couple selection.. LoL~~!




Infinity Girls guested the 2pm boys minus nickhun (who’s vacationing in thailand at that moment) in their recent episode..

It was a funny episode.. incorporating x-man and loveletter in Infinity Girls..


HwangBo was coupled with 2pm’s Maknae ‘Hwang ChanSung’..


Funny how these two were once in MBC’s ‘We Got Married and KBS’s ‘Kko Kko Tour Single Single’..