Kim HyunJoong is featured again in a magazine for the June 2009 Issue..

I just now realized that June is HyunJoong’s month! Having him on the cover of multiple magazines in just one month..



 GoodBye, Yoon JiHoo.. Welcome back, Kim HyunJoong!

more more pics and video inside! 😉

Kim HyunJOong is featured in A’STA TV4..

He is the Cover and Centerfold for the april 2009 issue..

The Magazine is full of Kim HyunJoong! Yey!! 😉

full of KHJ inside 🙂

Gosh! the last 2 episodes of the series..

Can’t believe that we are about to finally see the conclusion of this series..

Both previews are not english subbed.. But ep24 has a summary with it..

Ep 24..

Ep25 though has no released translations or summary yet..

Will post it right away once it is released..

Ep25 with Eng Subs..

videos credit to hoonfamily of yt

ep24 preview summary + Ep25 trans inside 😉

After the filming for KBS drama Boys Over Flowers ends, the main cast for the drama will all make a visit to the hospital.


 The first one will be ‘Korea’s Sunbae’ Kim Hyun Joong. During the first half the drama’s filming, Kim Hyun Joong has met with an car accident, but because the filming schedule was tight back then, he had refused the complete treatment, so after the filming ends, he will have complete treatment for his injuries.


Here are some selca (self cam) moments of F4 and Guem JanDi on the BOF set.. Fooling around in between takes.. lol~~! 😀 These pictures has been spread around the net lately and has garnered alot of attention  from the netizen and has become a hot topic.. Because they were indeed cute!! 😛

I know this is super late.. but I cannot let this pass and not be included in this blog.. I felt that I just have to blog this.. Again.. For Blog Purposes.. hihi.. 🙂

The first 6 pictures were personally captioned by Kim HyunJoong..

caption translation: Selca right before filming. I don’t like my looks so i dont get why girls love my face…

caption translation: Studying my lines while my stylist plays with my hair. I tend to memorize with my eyes rather than using pens and highlighters

more funny selca inside 😛

After this week’s ending.. I  super anticipate next week’s episode.. 😛

I am sure everyone is too!

Episode 22 is subbed with good video quality..


Both are now with eng subs!

Episode 23 is not subbed though.. sad.. 😦


I’ll update this post if there’s a sub or translations released for ep23..

credit to hoonfamily of yt and TW1NKLE of soompi for the translation