Remember HwangBo’s sexy elegant Guerlain photoshoot pics??? 

The CF was just recently released..

 I hope for her cf to be released internationally as our goddess is at par with any international beauties..

Dont you agree???

cf video inside ;)..



Here’s the latest installment of Haptic mission.. Episode 7..


credit: iBreatheLifeMusic of yt


I think this is it for  Haptic Mission CF series.. But if there’s more coming, this page will be updated..


  Episodes 1-6 inside.. 😉

Kim HyunJoong’s Dynamic Kin CF has been released!

He also sang the Background song of the cf.. you can hear it on the video inside..

I still can’t accept seeing HyunJoong with any female other than HwangBo especially as chummy as this.. grrr..

video of the CF inside

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

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Walking sculpture, commonly being called ‘KulJo’ (shortened name from the Korean word of ‘walking sculpture’) idol star who successfully turned into an actor, Kim HyunJoong has signed a contract for 1 year as a model for ‘HOTSUN CHICKEN’.