Many JoongBoers noticed on the recent Infinity girls that HwangBo seemed to have reformed her couple Ts as how HyunJoong reformed his couple T-shirt (so that it wouldn’t be identical..) when they were still married..

Is HwangBo following HyunJoong’s lead??

How fitting is it that she styled her shirt the same v-cut  that HyunJoong styled during their honeymoon in Jejudo.. 🙂


Meanwhile..  as observed by an Anonymous JoongBoer (thanks for sharing!! 🙂 ).. After HJ being spotted with the serenity bracelet.. are the couple now sporting the same bracelet???

What do you think?? Is it the same???

same bracelet



there seems to be a commotion with Sshillang’s attire..

hmmm.. well.. my take on this is that.. maybe KHJ wanted to wear something knitted since it was also around this time last year that HwangBuin gave him his knitted muffler.. (remember in 090629 episode 16 when they moved to their new home??) At first.. Buin planned to knit a sweater but end up with a muffler instead..

therefore.. to commemorate that event.. Sshillang wore a knitted sweater.. hi..hi.. and maybe they have agreed on this that its HJ’s mission to wear something knitted..

Oh my!!! love is really in the air… Aigooooo~!



SS501 leaving HK and returning back to Seoul..


Is JungMin trying to spread and share the JoongBo love???

Watch and see what JungMin did that made the whole JoongBoDom crazy and wild!!! and I was one of them..

After watching it.. feels like I’m in heaven!!!



I knew it! Guys.. there’s another version of the above video..

I guess DSP wouldn’t approve to show the above video to all ss501’s fans.. It would create havoc in korea!! LoL..

Ooops.. I was wrong.. the 2nd video was for another music retail store in Taiwan..

Of course.. JungMin is still the center piece of this version..

Can You Spot the difference??

credit: minentertainment of yt

did you see it?? if not, go inside.. 😛

I find this particular pic funny!! This was posted in dcinside..

Just what a naughty and mischievous guy like Sshillang would do!

HyunJoong doesn’t like showing his feelings and he shows it in peculiar ways..

On Tthe Other HAnd..

If you want to see the CSIs that our brilliant joongboers have discovered.. watch this cute MV..

credit:akaneslum of yt


I Still Believe!!

How fitting it is to re-discover what we didn’t seem to notice when it was first shown last year..

On WGM’s 15th episode.. the day joongbo had their outdoor fun was also the day that joongbo celebrated Sshillang’s birthday..

Now.. a year later.. a csi joongboer has re-discover this..

what is it?? :O