I’m not sure whether it was Kim HyunJoong or his DC fans in behalf of KHJ who donated 3.5 million won to The Beautiful Foundation..

I’m leaning more towards thinking that  it is his fans who donated..

At the same time that KHJ will be holding his free-of-charge fan meet, his fans did their part as they donated to a charity foundation..

I guess his fans are just giving back the generosity they have received from Kim HyunJoong..

Korean fans are really amazing! I mean 3.5 million won is not a small amount!

Updates! Updates! Lots of Updates inside! 😉


Kim HyunJoong’s company has denied Kim HyunJoong ‘Fainting incident’ and indicated that the news of fainting is just a rumor.

Kim HyunJoong’s company said to Sports Khan through a telephone interview on 17-Feb “Some of the news reported by media about the incident is incorrect.” F4 members originally has a commercial filming on 17-Feb, however the date for it was changed so he was able to take a rest but the main point was wrongly interpreted by some.