It’s so quiet from HwangBo’s camp.. wish to hear some news from her..

A little cure for those who has ‘missing HwangBo’ sickness..

This is so funny!!! Wonder HwangBo!! and Look how scared Sshillang is to wonder HwangBo!!! lol~~! hahaha

  there’s more???


Next episode of Infinity Girls will be at the Everland!!! 🙂

New screen caps of the  said episode..


Recent caps of HwangBo in Infinity Girls incoming episode..

I wonder if this was filmed in Everland.. would anyone know???

If this was in Everland.. I’m sure HwangBo was teased again by the girls..

I like it when Buin is teased or whenever Sshillang is mentioned or asked to Buin..

I think I’ll never get tired of it.. even if they(JoongBo) are  exasperated or annoyed about it already.. lol.. 😛

5 more pix inside 🙂

Preview of next week’s episode.. JoongBo in Everland!!!




Tuesday, October 07, 2008
The Lettuce Couple were spotted today at the Everland Theme Park filming We Got Married..