Boys Over Flowers F4 Kim Joon and Kim Hyun Joong meet again.

They met to shoot the MV ‘Jun, Be Ok!’ solo song from Kim Joon off T-Max upcoming album. SS501 Kim Hyun Joong will star in the MV as well.

The MV was shot not long ago in a filming set in GyeongGiDo and Kim Hyun Joong had came to help out for Kim Joon’s first solo songs.

A staff said, “The 2 had continued their friendship from F4 in Boys Over Flowers. Especially since Kim Joon and Kim Hyun Joong are both in idol groups, they have many chances to work together through music. Kim Joon has also received many advices when preparing his first solo song.”

Kim Joon will also meet fans through his masculine features in the MV ‘Joon, Be OK!’.

Meanwhile, the upcoming album by T-Max will released on 9th July.


source: sookyeong via K-Bites


Kim Hyun Joong attended and performed as well his new single ‘Please Be Nice To Me’ today at Lee MinHo’s Birthday bash / FanMeet / Mini-Concert..

He must be torn between 2 boy groups.. ~~LoL!!

Lee MinHo’s actual birthday is June 22, but he celebrated it in advance with his fans..

Kim Joon together with his T-Max was also in attendance..

Ok.. let us start now drooling at Kim HyunJoong’s galore of Pix!!

video + MinHo’s pics inside.. 😉


Here’s the latest installment of Haptic mission.. Episode 7..


credit: iBreatheLifeMusic of yt


I think this is it for  Haptic Mission CF series.. But if there’s more coming, this page will be updated..


  Episodes 1-6 inside.. 😉

Here are some selca (self cam) moments of F4 and Guem JanDi on the BOF set.. Fooling around in between takes.. lol~~! 😀 These pictures has been spread around the net lately and has garnered alot of attention  from the netizen and has become a hot topic.. Because they were indeed cute!! 😛

I know this is super late.. but I cannot let this pass and not be included in this blog.. I felt that I just have to blog this.. Again.. For Blog Purposes.. hihi.. 🙂

The first 6 pictures were personally captioned by Kim HyunJoong..

caption translation: Selca right before filming. I don’t like my looks so i dont get why girls love my face…

caption translation: Studying my lines while my stylist plays with my hair. I tend to memorize with my eyes rather than using pens and highlighters

more funny selca inside 😛

Thank you Muish for Subbing and Sharing..

It’s different when you hear HyunJoong’s voice and at the same time, understand what he is saying..

This was the interview when he teased the other members of F4 (MinHo being to tall.. etc..)

This interview is cute!!! Typical 4D Kim Hyun Joong interview!!


part 2 inside 🙂

Anycall Haptic Pop GIF
Credits: as labeled & rinapang +Guynhn of soompi

CF inside 😛

This has been triggered by the latest picture of Lee MinHo caught smoking..

Alas!! Old picture of Kim HyunJoong and Kim Bum too with a cigarette between their lips has resurfaced..

puff! puff! puff!