These pics has been spreading like wildfire in JoongBo Kingdom as soon as sammikoo of soompi has shared these valuable information..

Lucky JoongBoers from Baidu Ssangchu Island had their once in a lifetime experience of taking pic with ss501 at the HK FanMeet.. bearing their gifts to Sshillang and a very large JoongBo banner!! ~~LoL~! Enough for Kim HyunJoong to see..


And Sshillang was helping to hold the banner.. So cute!! 😛 As you can see.. It is not HJBaby’s left hand as he holding one of the gifts.. and the fan on Sshillang’s right was posing a v sign with her right hand.. therefore.. it must be kim HyunJoong’s right hand that is holding the banner..


And look at Sshillang’s expression.. I don’t know if he’s trying to be reserve but really wanting to spread that wide smile.. (trying hard not to show favoritism of fanclubs??? lol~~!) or just being plain 4D..

Thank you so much Ssangchu Island and Sammikoo for sharing these wonderful pics!!!! I’m so proud to be a JoongBoer!!!

Thank you Amanda for the heads up.. 🙂 as soon as i read your comment, i searched in haste and posted these pics right away..

Friends, I have to take a leave again for about a week.. I’m so sorry.. my schedule is just unpredictable.. schoolwork is piling up again upto my neck that i have to be gone again for a short time only.. 😦

Annne.. I’m sorry i wasn’t able to reply to your comments.. i just sneaked in for a moment just to post this..

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OmO!!!! such a cutiiiiieeeeee…

 Love..Love that tongue!!! that tongue! making an appearance again!!! ♥

that smile… gosh.. if its only available in the market.. I think there’ll be a long queue just to own that smile!!!

more cutie pics inside.. 😉

At the Airport.. He was waiving to the fans.. He must really be in a good mood.. 🙂




Videos of ss501’s performances during their fanmeet in taiwan..


clear but short..

credit pupubob of yt

Longer one..

credit sujutvxqlove of yt

Kim Hyun Joong’s Sexy Dance
credit smarter44 of yt

video of performances inside.. 😉



My Fave.. ~~Hahahaha!!



SS501 met the fans today, singing and dancing a total of 6 songs, using chinese to greet the fans.

After debutting for four years, it was the first time they held a fanmeet in taiwan, attracting about 3200 fans to be at the event, including fans from japan and korea.

Apart from their performance, fans were allowed to ask the boys some questions, creating a great atmosphere. Kim Hyun Joong said that it was his first time in taiwan and he was nervous. However, he was elated to see a great number of fans who came. Besides that, Kim Hyung Joon said that they passed the fanmeeting venue yesterday, seeing many fans already queuing up and felt very touched by the scene. Therefore he promised himself to perform his best for the fanmeet.

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The last of the 3 installments.. 3rd story of ss501’s Romantic Sky..

Enjoy~! ❤

credit: VALERWHEEEXD of yt


episode1 inside.. 😉