I’m sorry.. I don’t know why I am delaying this summary.. Instead,  I watched Boys Over Flowers than watch their last episode.. Am I afraid to witness our favorite couple’s parting??? Hwaaaaaaaaah!!!! I don’t know how will I continue this!!!!

I just finished watching our couple’s farewell episode.. and my eyes still hurts from crying bucket of tears.. hehehe.. I’m exagerating again.. Though what i will be writting maybe a little too late.. I hope you won’t mind.. and while reading this, I hope my thoughts on this episode would bring back those happy memories.. and painful feelings we want bury and forget.. that hurts soo much..

While watching this episode.. I’ve realized that every breakup hurts and is hard for both parties.. may it be artificial or real.. We have all witnessed their married life.. from how they started and where they are now.. And we can see the big difference of the two.. they have progressed really well.. it was so fun watching them.. and it just hurts so much that we cannot see/witness it anymore.. Gosh!!! I want to cry again..



I wasn’t expecting that i would be reacting (or overacting???) this way.. I was already crying during JoongBo’s first part.. Even I was thinking, am I overdoing this?? Am I overacting?? Why am I acting like this?? (I’m really a crybaby at times.. tsk.. tsk..)

JoongBo really has an overwhelming effect to its fans and viewers.. I’m sure I’m not the only one in saying this.. 

The entirety of JoongBo’s episode has a sad aroma into it.. even though our couple tried to liven things up and joke around.. You can feel and see that their hearts are hurting and sad deep inside..

They were trying to show in this episode what they were not able to show to each other in the entire time they were married.. I like how they backtracked and did everything all over again what they have done in their first Jeju trip!! even re-enacting some of it..  maybe both of them felt that their first trip was half baked as they were uber awkward during that time.. and now came an opportunity of doing it all over again.. now with the right feelings they can offer and show to each other!!! It’s like their second honeymoon now that they are more comfortable with each other.. but the sad truth to it is that they will be parting after this trip..

In this episode it seems like they are putting an ending to everything that is related to their marriage.. Speaking like everything that they are going to do will be their last time.. putting a period to their relationship.. as a finality!

And it is kindah sad to hear them talk like that!


HyunJoong and HwangBo: ‘… the fifth sea with me’!

Ssangchu couple’s reminiscence farewell journey!


‘Ssangchukeopeul’  HwangBo  and Kim HyunJoong bids farewell with tears in MBC’s  ‘Sunday Sunday Night’ 1000th episode Special

It is said that the couple planned to coincide their last 2 episodes with We Got Married’s 1000th episode special which will be broadcasted on December 14.  A member of  WGM’s production conveyed that during the filming of couple’s farewell trip in Jeju Island, they saw HwangBo broke in tears..