I know this is somekind of late.. but I’d still like to post it.. for blog purposes..

Recent pictures of the gang from their overseas filming in New Caledonia (It was not in New York.. Sorry Jeanie)..
























I usually dont monitor myself,, but for <BOYS OVER FLOWER> I definitely will. The first manhwa i ever read was <BOYS OVER FLOWERS>. When i was asked audition by GROUP8 i wanted to go to the Manhwa borrowing place to read over the manga, but i was so embarrased. I was too embarrased to go to the TrendFantasy manhwa section, so i told the manager to just go to ChunGaeChun ManHwa store and buy the entire series and i’m reading it at home. All the series are scattered all over my house right now because i’m reading them again for the role.


What a bummm..

I guess for the meantime we can only hear separate news snippets of our favorite couple..

HyunJoong is busy filming with his upcoming drama..

while HwangBo, busy with her other variety/reality shows..

Since their last WGM filming in Jeju..

I believe they haven’t met since then..


They are the most good looking F4 ever!!! Gosh!!! they are so F4!!!

Can’t wait for the drama in December!!!


Updated pictures of HYD filming..


From the time they have said that HYD had already started filming.. I’m already anticipating some BTS pix!!!

Here are some of them while they were filming in the airport..

Kim Hyun Joong is ONE major Hotness!!!


Rumors circulating in dcinside about Kim Hyun Joong will soon drop out of We Got Married after filming the Lettuce Couple’s episode ahead of time ..


It is now official! Han Chae young finally joins korea’s version of Hana Yori Dango ‘Boys Over Flowers’.