This is cute!!! Wish this was real and not just a fanPic..


Our favorite couple’s in a day’s work!!! How did their day went by…

  • HyunJoong guesting on Happy Together Season 3..



HwangBo Special Part1 – A cut from HwangBo’s guesting in KBS Y.Y. Man Man aired last 07.31.2008..

credit to: translation – jaejoongie; video – joongboskittles; subs – qtjena13


Infinity Girls Ep70 Part1 – Valentine Episode of Infinity Girls wherein they had Ryu Shi Won as one of their guests..

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Screen caps from her recent appearances in Star Style Special and Morning Plus (090206)..

Got her pictures from her minihompy as she has updated already her cyworld..

I miss Buin!!!

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We must all be wondering how’s HwangBo these days.. What’s keeping her busy since We Got Married??? Well we know how busy HyunJoong is nowadays.. But, how really is HwangBo right now???

Today, January 17, 2009, HwangBo attended the wedding of her ex-chakra bandmate, Lee Kyung Eun.. And as we can see.. She’s soooo Gorgeous as always..

Her beauty really grows on you and like a scent, it will never leave you.. She’ll always be beautiful in my eyes..

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