YeY!!! Finally an English Subbed video of Moohan Girls with 2PM!!! *rolling on the floor* I’m super happy!!! thanks to the 2PM subbers.. I can finally watch this episode!! I really really really waited for this.. coz I know someone would sub this for sure!!! (have faith w/ 2pm subbers.. hehehe~!)

😦 not sure though w/ the boris episode.. 😦 wanna watch it too.. but i don’t know if there’s some good soul who’ll sub it.. 😦

Is it just me?? It seems that HwangBo’s the only one who’s not excited with 2PM coming over to IG.. LoL~!


JaeBum’s ideal woman is soo obvious!!! Frank and real.. natural beauty.. pretty w/o make-up.. I think JaeBum was sad that HB didn’t step-in in the couple selection.. LoL~~!




Another Name is added to HwangBo’s long list of admirers..

This is Boris.. ^^ Hwah~! He’s one good looking fella!!! As i can remember, I think he’s German?? correct me if I’m wrong.. and I saw him once in KBS’s Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies..

He will be appearing on Infinity Girl’s up coming episode.. Where they will be trained i guess as tourist guides?? and learning english is just one part of the training..

During the said episode.. it seems that Boris has a crush on HwangBo because he was praising her all the time (well.. HwangBo’s not actually bad if you have heard her english.. ^^) and when asked “Who do you want to sit next to you?” he answered HwangBo without hesitation… 😀

Oh well.. What can say.. HwangBo’s beauty is international.. and surpass bounderies!! LoL~!

preview inside.. 😉

Infinity Girls guested the 2pm boys minus nickhun (who’s vacationing in thailand at that moment) in their recent episode..

It was a funny episode.. incorporating x-man and loveletter in Infinity Girls..


HwangBo was coupled with 2pm’s Maknae ‘Hwang ChanSung’..


Funny how these two were once in MBC’s ‘We Got Married and KBS’s ‘Kko Kko Tour Single Single’..


JoongBoers around the world are  rejoicing once again!!!

As Shared by our joongboer taiwan representative, let’s call her by the name of 08.. The baidu ssangchu island has prepared a big JoongBo welcome board for Kim HyunJoong that is full of pics of our Buin and Sshillang.. as you can see below..

Kim HyunJoong spotted the board then smiled..

08 shared:

English Trans..

HJ noticed the sign board from the begining, then he had been focusing on it.. the board was blocked by camera, 08(our beloved joongboer who’s holding the board) moved to the right, HJ was passing by soon, he was still staring at the board..the last exciting scenes is:

<<he smiled and greeted 08, and patted the board!!!!!!!!!!!>>

In chinese..




weeeeeeee!!! JoongBoers are the best!!!

Thank you Baidu Ssangchu Island and keepfalling of soompi for sharing to us non-chinese joongboers..

Pix and Video inside.. 😉

I think these are outtake/BTS pics from IG’s Cebu visit..

more.. more.. 😉

Remember HwangBo’s sexy elegant Guerlain photoshoot pics??? 

The CF was just recently released..

 I hope for her cf to be released internationally as our goddess is at par with any international beauties..

Dont you agree???

cf video inside ;)..

HwangBo ranked #38 in Mnet’s Super 100.. I’m not sure in what category though..

But still.. I’m happy that she’s in #38.. LoL~~!

She’s always #1 to us! right?!!

credit: lovehwangbo of yt