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My crazy mind gets ahead of me.. again.. sigh.. **Toink! Toink!!** LoL~~!



  • Errr.. are the boys into ‘To The World’ too??? LoL~~~!
  • Is JungMin smiling crazily coz he knows something and he gets to shout ‘To the World’???
  • ~~LoL!! YoungSaeng is shouting it 5 times.. all five fingers up!!!
  • HJLeader is just happy.. and its obvious in his face that he’s thinking of HwangBo while shouting it..
  • It seems that HJBaby and KyuJong has done it so many times (w/ HwangBo sister-in-law perhaps??) that it is pretty normal for them doing the ‘To The World’ thing..

Awwwww.. I love Kim HyunJoong’s brothers!!! They are the biggest JoongBoers in the whole wide world!!! 😀

Uhmm.. I’m sorry.. I’m not drunk.. and I’m not an addict..

Just joongbo addict..

It’s just that I didn’t get to take my medicine today..  😀 **joke.. joke** 😀


Though JoongBoers officially celebrated the day that Kim HyunJoong and HwangBo married and first met last April 29 (can be seen in their love contract) as JoongBo’s anniversary..

Sadly.. I was not able to celebrate it with you guys.. 😦

I am actually celebrating it today.. May 11.. the day that i have laid eyes on these two beings!

Though at first they didn’t really drew my attention to them, they were like wine, where they grew subtly to my taste..

 It has been a year since i have watched them in We Got Married..

and I was never the same..

blah blah blah

Hello Guys!!!  I’m stealing time to update this blog.. hehehe..

sssshhh.. i’m not  supposed to be here.. lol~!

i really have to do this really quick and i’m sorry  if cannot post all of the recent news on our favorite couple..

I really miss blogging Ssangchu couple.. and of course i also miss reading your comments.. 🙂

Thank you so much for continuing to visit this site even though its not moving for the past few days.. your visits and comments really motivates me to search and look up for more updates about JoongBo..

I’ll make a separate update on JoongBo since i think one post for both of them will get a bit crowded..

For the days that i was refraining myself to surf the internet for updates, there was so much happenings on Kim HyunJoong and HwangBo.. Well, more on HyunJoong.. so I’ll take on HwangBuin first..

see you on my next post.. 🙂

Hi Guys!! 🙂

Sorry if I wasn’t able to post some updates on our favorite couple as i was really DRUNK and totally indisposed yesterday!!! lol~~!

Now.. i’ll go back to my old self..

Here! Let’s have some beer!! 😛

Hello everyone..

I’m soooo sorry if I disappeared without any word.. really..

For the whole time that i was away, I was only thinking of this blog and my readers..

The days before i have to leave was really toxic that i cannot even say that i’ll be away for my christmas vacation..

And what’s worst was.. there was no internet connection where i came from.. just imagine how remote was that!~!

I’m really really apologetic and sorry if I popped out and left you like that.. 😦


Now.. back to JoongBo..

I haven’t watched yet episode38.. their final episode..

I was sooo sad that i have missed it.. and I might be crying by myself now since i am sooo far behind from anything that has happened in the joongbo world..

The first thing i did since coming back was checking some joongbo updates.. I’m sooo happy that they won the best couple.. they really love our Ssangchu couple..

And during their ‘Get Hot’ performance in the MBC Entertainment Awards, the camera was showing different celebrities that were smiling, enjoying and loving our couple (that they did not do for the first two couples).. even celebrities love our Ssangchu couple..

I know that it is super late but i will still be posting my thoughts for episode38.. after i watched it..

For blog purposes of course..


Though this is very delayed, I want to greet you Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!!

This week’s episode was fun.. yeah! there were many skinships as our favorite couple is way way more comfortable with each other now.. but I don’t know.. I’m not really that thrilled..  I guess because i wanted to see just the two of them and ‘NOBODY NOBODY’ else in any of their remaining episodes..

The two veterans were being playful with their matchmaking mission!!! Initiating games that will embarrass their guests.. and acting like both of them are knowledgeable now in this area, being married now for a couple of months.. lol.. And these veterans are just showing off by having so many skinships in front of their guests!!! a.k.a living by example! lol~~~!

HyunJoong is completely different whenever his members are around.. lol! Funny how he’s bossing around the two boys!

HwangBo was so fun!!! It’s really amazing how she can level up with that age group.. she’s really flexible and can relate to anyone whatever their age may be..  And with that energy!! WoW!!..

The two girls from WonderGirls were not bad.. I’m not really a fan of them.. or any of the girl group band..

I love how unaffected Sshillang is with the fresh girls.. keeping his promise not to look at any other woman while being married to Buin.. Is there still a guy or husband that is like him??? who wouldn’t look at a woman that is even as pretty as Shinae??? That is trully rare nowadays!!

HyunJoong is an endangered specie I must say!!!


Could there be anymore sweeter, funnier and thrilling episode such like this week’s episode??? It just tops my favorite JoongBo episode of all time!! Our favorite couple just gets better and better..

HyunJoong’s over protectiveness and could be jealousy..

HwangBo’s ‘come what may’ confession..

just made it for me!!!

How could there be such a guy like HyunJoong that is soooo handsome beyond words, talented, GMCRC (good moral character and right conduct! lol!), and with a humor that just kills me!!!!

waaaaaaaah~~ I’m going crazy!!!