Here’s the latest installment of Haptic mission.. Episode 7..


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I think this is it for  Haptic Mission CF series.. But if there’s more coming, this page will be updated..


  Episodes 1-6 inside.. 😉


Before Kim HyunJoong appeared on stage, fans waved their placards writing ‘HyunJoong-ah, thanks for your hard work <3’ ‘Perfect Kim HyunJoong’ during the video of him acting.

There were also many Japanese fans around. In addition, F4 member Kim Bum and Kim Joon also attended, tripling the fans’ joy.

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Hosted by gagman Kim HyunKi, the event started with a short talk on finding the differences between Kim HyunJoong and Yoon JiHoo.

Answering to question “How much would you put in for the person you love?” Kim HyunJoong replied “I am able to give everything for the person I love.” And for the question “Something you did for the first time for the person you love?”, he replied “I folded about 300~400 cranes when I was in middle school. So I got an ‘okay’” He added his drama script line, “There are so many things that I have done for the first time because of you.”


 GoodBye, Yoon JiHoo.. Welcome back, Kim HyunJoong!

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This has been triggered by the latest picture of Lee MinHo caught smoking..

Alas!! Old picture of Kim HyunJoong and Kim Bum too with a cigarette between their lips has resurfaced..

puff! puff! puff!

Still fresh from the oven HOT pics of F3 and Kim HyunJoong in the 45th Baeksang Awards..

PIC SPAM and drool everyone!!!! Sshillang is so HOT!!!


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This article is funny.. It shows the relationship of HyunJoong to F3..


In a telephone interview on KBS Cool FM Hong Jin Kyung’s Entertainment Open Space yesterday afternoon, Kim Hyun Joong was asked to express his thoughts in a humorous manner towards his co-stars in Boys Before Flowers and he duly obliged with his answers.