Kim Hyung Joon (HJB) recently hosted a radio show.. and his guest in his May 23 program was Kim Hyun Joong..

Watch the chemistry of the two KHJs who’s also known as Double HJ.. watch how leader teases the baby of the group.. LoL~~! 😀

And if your curious if HwangBo or JoongBo was mentioned?? Well.. the nearest thing that was brought up was about how HyunJoong got popular in WGM as a 4D creature..

But.. we can always get hints.. and CSI joongboers are the best! ! 😉

vids w/ eng subs are inside 😉


The making of the highly anticipated music video of ss501 was featured on the recent episode of KBS’ Entertainment Relay yesterday.. June 6th of  2009.. The boys were also interviewed on the program.

Look how tired our leader is.. awwwww.. Please don’t make him work too much..

credit ss601

so Sorry.. there’s no english subbed video yet.. I’ll replace this one as soon as there’s an available subbed video..

credit quainte501 of yt

the pics are inside 🙂

Kim HyunJoong must be really big now in Korea to be featured on Entertainment Relay’s Guerilla Date especially if it is to be broadcasted on the White Day..

What a treat for the ladies!!! Sweet as candies!!!

can’t wait to watch it in KBS World!! 🙂


Kim Hyun-joong getting ready to go on the Gyro Drop. It takes you 30 stories high and then whooosh! It drops you…

It looks like Kim Hyun-joongdecides to go to Lotte World /Magic Land for his “Guerilla Date” segment on Entertainment Relay. In the entertainment program, celebrities are taken for a walk along the streets or in a public place and is interviewed by one of the hosts on the show.

screen caps + video inside 🙂

Thank you Muish for Subbing and Sharing..

It’s different when you hear HyunJoong’s voice and at the same time, understand what he is saying..

This was the interview when he teased the other members of F4 (MinHo being to tall.. etc..)

This interview is cute!!! Typical 4D Kim Hyun Joong interview!!


part 2 inside 🙂

Re-Uploaded.. Its because of these infringement blah blah..

the rest of the parts inside

090226 Happy Together Gifs
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^HJie…always be like this…

^Trying to play Happy Birthday.

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