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Lee SoRa “Go after Kim HyunJoong if I was 10 years younger”

Lee SoRa expressed her special feelings for singer SS501 Kim HyunJoong.

 Recently through appearance in MBC Yoo JaeSuk Kim WonHee’s “Come to Play – MC Queen Special”, Lee SoRa chose Kim HyunJoong in the section “Ranking 123 as I like” for the question “The guy I would go after if I am 10 years younger”.

She also revealed an incident of how she struggled to be able to see Kim HyunJoong. Lee SoRa said inducing a roar of laughter, “In one event where I was the judge, SS501 came as the guest. I wanted to see Kim HyunJoong so much that I went to the dressing room even though I am not required to and asked ‘Is Mr Kim HyunJoong around?’”

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Boys Over Flowers F4 Kim Joon and Kim Hyun Joong meet again.

They met to shoot the MV ‘Jun, Be Ok!’ solo song from Kim Joon off T-Max upcoming album. SS501 Kim Hyun Joong will star in the MV as well.

The MV was shot not long ago in a filming set in GyeongGiDo and Kim Hyun Joong had came to help out for Kim Joon’s first solo songs.

A staff said, “The 2 had continued their friendship from F4 in Boys Over Flowers. Especially since Kim Joon and Kim Hyun Joong are both in idol groups, they have many chances to work together through music. Kim Joon has also received many advices when preparing his first solo song.”

Kim Joon will also meet fans through his masculine features in the MV ‘Joon, Be OK!’.

Meanwhile, the upcoming album by T-Max will released on 9th July.


source: sookyeong via K-Bites

Black clouds seems to be hovering over Kim Hyun Joong ever since his participation in Boys Before Flowers. Just check out all the previous articles on Allkpop.com on Kim Hyun Joong and nearly all of them are about his ill health. We reported last week that Kim Hyun Joong had to be rushed to the hospital last week, after collapsing from high fever, causing SS501’s trip to Bangkok to be cancelled. He was also reported to be hospitalized for a week and SS501’s 1st Asia Concert Tour might be disrupted.

Exactly a week later, DSP Entertainment has finally come out, to try and dispel all the mysteries revolving around Kim Hyun Joong. They expressed, “Hyun Joong felt some discomfort on the 8th and he did went to a local medical facility for treatment. But he was not hospitalized and just got an injection, before leaving. We aren’t quite sure how the reports of him being hospitalized surfaced because it just didn’t happen.”

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06/09 [info] About Kim Hyunjoong condition

“You don’t have to worry about him too much. Now his condition is better.
He’s just waiting for the doctor to give him a thorough check up before
he can be discharged from the hospital.
What is worth is for you guys to give him and the rest of SS501 lots and lots of support.
Because now all 5 of them are working so hard and if they get lots of support from you guys,
they can work hard from the strenght you give them.”



Credits: Webmaster@DSPent Thailand (The official fanclub forum) + (English Translation) kunarak999@Quainte501.com


If things progress fast enough, Kim Joon together in the group T-Max will release a new album coming end-June. And in the album will be a solo song by him, as of the other T-Max members as well.

And especially for the MV of Kim Joon’s solo song, Kim Hyun Joong, who was part of the F4 group in drama Boys Over Flowers with Kim Joon, will be starring as the male lead to the it.

It has been 2 months since the drama Boys Over Flowers ended, but the F4 honor and loyalty continues in its members.

T-Max’s company said on 10th June, “T-Max will release a new album end-June to early July. And in the album, the members will have their solo songs. Kim Joon is the first member to finish his recording. Coming 12th, he will be shooting for the MV in a set in GyeongGiDo. And Kim Hyun Joong will be the male lead to the MV.”


news source: sookyeong.wordpress

SS501 Kim HyunJoong has been selected as the 1st place winner for the ‘male entertainer whom I want to receive kiss from’.


For the upcoming Kiss day on 14-Jun, Jewelry brand Styl Us by Goldendew put up a poll in May for their homepage members to vote on ‘Who is the male entertainer that I want to receive a kiss from?’ and the result of the poll is 34% to Kim HyunJoong making him first on the poll.

After Kim HyunJoong is Lee MinHo, who received a lot of popularity with his role of Goo JoonPyo in KBS 2 TV ‘Boys Over Flowers’, with 32% of the votes. Kim HyunJoong and Lee MinHo’s high support, and a mere 2% of difference in votes shows that ‘Flower Boys’ F4’s popularity are still at large.

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Kim Hyun Joong, the Leader of ss501 was brought to the hospital at dawn of June 8 because he is unconcious from high fever. He is currently going through condition check-up and resting at the hospital. Due to this unexpected circumstance, his schedule in Thailand on 8-10 of June has to be postponed. However, the release of second album in July and Asia tour concert in the beginning of August is expected to be on schedule.

crédits: singerstar501 @ TripleS France

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