If HwangBo is the Hot Noona Terminator.. hehehe.. Kim Hyun Joong is the Noona/Ahjumma killer! LoL~!

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Lee SoRa “Go after Kim HyunJoong if I was 10 years younger”

Lee SoRa expressed her special feelings for singer SS501 Kim HyunJoong.

 Recently through appearance in MBC Yoo JaeSuk Kim WonHee’s “Come to Play – MC Queen Special”, Lee SoRa chose Kim HyunJoong in the section “Ranking 123 as I like” for the question “The guy I would go after if I am 10 years younger”.

She also revealed an incident of how she struggled to be able to see Kim HyunJoong. Lee SoRa said inducing a roar of laughter, “In one event where I was the judge, SS501 came as the guest. I wanted to see Kim HyunJoong so much that I went to the dressing room even though I am not required to and asked ‘Is Mr Kim HyunJoong around?’”

continuation of the funny story inside.. 😉


HwangBo MV ‘Pretty Girl’ by Kara.. I don’t usually post MVs.. but i guess i’ll make an exception with this one.. coz HwangBo is really a pretty girl and she suits the song..

I’m sure you have seen most of the pictures in this video.. but.. still.. I enjoyed it..

credit: as labeled and Daum TV

HwangBo hot pix inside