Kim HyunJoong ranked #12 in Mnet’s Super 100 – ‘My Boyfriend’ category last June 23..

credit: skypoem of yt


I guess.. HwangBo was in Mnet’s Super 100 – ‘My Girlfriend’??? ‘May Bride’ **thanks Anonymous** where she ranked #38..

Wonder what’s their criteria?? HwangBo should be #1!! HwangBo is the Jjang GF!!


On the other hand..

As shared by GaGa in here.. ss501 was featured in Taiwan’s GTV entertainment program..

this one’s with eng sub..

And yeah~ GaGa! You are right!! they filmed this before they went to Hawaii..*giggle*.. 🙂

credit: hoonfami of yt


HwangBo ranked #38 in Mnet’s Super 100.. I’m not sure in what category though..

But still.. I’m happy that she’s in #38.. LoL~~!

She’s always #1 to us! right?!!

credit: lovehwangbo of yt

This is cute!!! Wish this was real and not just a fanPic..


Our favorite couple’s in a day’s work!!! How did their day went by…

  • HyunJoong guesting on Happy Together Season 3..