Kim HyunJoong strut the catwalk today, March26 at the Seoul Fashion Week 2009 spring collection under designer Han SangHyeok..

He was the celebrity model who appeared in the finale of the show..

KHJ strutting inside 😉


more hot pix inside 😉

HwangBo must be very busy right now with her new show as there were no news or updates recently.. even her cyworld is not yet updated.. She must be pressured and worried right now with her new show which is currently airing its pilot episode as of this moment.. 

HwangBossi Fighting!!


As for Kim HyunJoong, he has become the new model of MVIO and here are some of his HOT.. YUMMY.. rui-ish like pix..


Latest picture of Kim HyunJoong as Ji Hoo/Rui of Boys Over Flower..

Picture credit to: 501dong +

He’s just adorable when he smiles.. He really fits Rui.. LOOKS wise..

(3 more pictures inside)