Another Name is added to HwangBo’s long list of admirers..

This is Boris.. ^^ Hwah~! He’s one good looking fella!!! As i can remember, I think he’s German?? correct me if I’m wrong.. and I saw him once in KBS’s Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies..

He will be appearing on Infinity Girl’s up coming episode.. Where they will be trained i guess as tourist guides?? and learning english is just one part of the training..

During the said episode.. it seems that Boris has a crush on HwangBo because he was praising her all the time (well.. HwangBo’s not actually bad if you have heard her english.. ^^) and when asked “Who do you want to sit next to you?” he answered HwangBo without hesitation… 😀

Oh well.. What can say.. HwangBo’s beauty is international.. and surpass bounderies!! LoL~!

preview inside.. 😉


We all know that HwangBo and the rest of the moohan girls went to the Philippines and we have read all fan accounts of meeting her at the airport (which i’m still dying of envy)..

But what did they really do in the Philippines??? MBC has now released the preview of the said episode..


Our cebu girls got their few seconds of fame.. Yey!

It will be aired on  the 22nd and ending on the 29th of May at 11.05 p.m. Korean time.

the pictures are inside.. 🙂

Hey Friends!

Have you heard of this??? HwangBo will be visiting the Philippines!

Anyone here from the Philippines??? 🙂


 She with the rest of the Infinity Girls  will be coming to Cebu, Philippines this May 16.. they will be staying I guess for 4 days.. so she will be in the Philippines from May 16 to 19..

HwangBo will be arriving on the 16th, around 1130 pm.. (not sure with the time, but i guess it will be very late)..

JoongBoer’s in the Phillipines, this is your chance!!! Stand and be heard!!! lol~~!

About HyunJoong inside

Gosh! the last 2 episodes of the series..

Can’t believe that we are about to finally see the conclusion of this series..

Both previews are not english subbed.. But ep24 has a summary with it..

Ep 24..

Ep25 though has no released translations or summary yet..

Will post it right away once it is released..

Ep25 with Eng Subs..

videos credit to hoonfamily of yt

ep24 preview summary + Ep25 trans inside 😉

After this week’s ending.. I  super anticipate next week’s episode.. 😛

I am sure everyone is too!

Episode 22 is subbed with good video quality..


Both are now with eng subs!

Episode 23 is not subbed though.. sad.. 😦


I’ll update this post if there’s a sub or translations released for ep23..

credit to hoonfamily of yt and TW1NKLE of soompi for the translation

Here’s the long preview for the much anticipated episode 20..

Not subbed though..

But.. the script for this episode was leaked, fortunately..

And it was said that the said script is more likely accurate and what we can expect to see on monday..

credit: hoonfamily of yt

leaked script inside 😉

This is such a sad episode.. 😦 HwangBo and the rest of the girls cried during the show..

Jung Siah will be leaving the Moohan Girls.. As she will be getting married tomorrow..  March 7..

I really hate Goodbyes and farewells.. every aspect of it.. 😦

screen caps inside + KHJ’s star diary