It is well known to the public that HwangBo has given her homemade chocolates to Ryu ShiWon during the Valentine episode of Infinity Girls..

Now the question is.. Is Ryu Shi Won smitten with our HwangBo??? Will he be joining the long list of admirers of HwangBo???

Ryu ShiWon has updated his cyworld and made the chocolates as his minihompy background..

Not only that.. RSW’s questions during the show were nerve wracking!!!

It was actually endearing to watch how they interact..

You can see that they really have a close friendship..

IG spot translation inside 😉


On Infinity Girls Valentine’s Day Special, the girls made some homemade chocolates..

To whom did they give their hearts???

Recepients of their love chocolates.. are to be seen..

Preview of the said episode below..

And It seems that Buin gave her chocolates to Ryu ShiWon..


I have come across of this article..

Well.. I don’t know what to say..

He’s actually a nice guy.. I actually don’t know how to react..


HwangBo wants to marry Ryu ShiWon

Singer HwangBo has revealed that the man she wants to marry is actually actor Ryu Shi Won.

HwangBo has even attend Ryu ShiWon’s concert last December in Japan Tokyo. She said on MBC Every1 ‘MooHan Girls’ that she had personally made chocolates for Valentines’ Day for Ryu ShiWon as a form of gratitude.