I know this is not HwangBo nor HyunJoong post related.. Pardon me just this once.. 😀

I just really like JungMin’s ‘If You Cannot’ song.. hehehe.~! He did pretty well for a live performance..

Wish to see HyunJoong’s ‘Please Be Nice To Me’ performance.. 😉

credit: CodeMonmonSeason2 of yt


Full version of KHJ’s ‘Please Be Good To Me’ from SS501 Solo Collection Album..

The song is nice.. actually, very nice..

Hear it in here.. Audio only.. the MV is yet to be released..

credit: Anele36 of yt

To download.. click me..


How could you..
I can’t believe you’re doing this..
You are so wrong..
But I still love you..


Lyrics inside.. 😉