This is such a sad episode.. 😦 HwangBo and the rest of the girls cried during the show..

Jung Siah will be leaving the Moohan Girls.. As she will be getting married tomorrow..  March 7..

I really hate Goodbyes and farewells.. every aspect of it.. 😦

screen caps inside + KHJ’s star diary


“Almost debut in China for 5 million won!”

Kim HyunJoong dreamt of becoming a singer even when he stopped high school, but it was full of difficulties until his debut.

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He first became a trainee right after he graduated from middle school. He was scouted by the manager while walking along the road, and had strenuous practices everyday as one of the member of a 5-member dance team.

“I was in thrown into confusion because I was immersed in rock and playing base guitar everyday during middle school and suddenly I had to prepare for dances. However, in the thoughts of becoming an entertainer fast, I am able to bear with everything.”


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#Kim HyunJoong ran away from home during 3rd year middle school and 1st year high school for music. <Photo provided by DSP Entertainment>

Being a member of school band ‘AXERS’ during middle school, Kim HyunJoong promoted to high school and prepared to be an entertainer. He was chosen to be a trainee when he was in year 1 and started the systematic training.

Even though he wanted to keep everything as a secret from his parents, but because the entertainment company requires the permission from the parents for underage trainees, he had no choice but to let his parents know. His mother mdm JungYeonMi recalled “I was working while the manager called in. He asked for the permission for HyunJoong to become a trainee but I told him ‘no’ immediately. I warned him not instigate these kids.”


During 1st year middle school, cultural shock from Seo Taiji ‘It’s Ultraman’
Practiced 10 hours of guitar a day

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# Kim HyunJoong who has long legs since elementary school, listened to songs by ‘Seo TaiJi & Boys’ when he is still an elementary student and indulge into music. He traveled to 5 European countries with his elder brother when he was in year 5 elementary school. <Photo provided by DSP Entertainment>

“I get really excited if I see him!”
Though Kim HyunJoong swept away all the females’ hearts away, there is a star whom he wants to meet. He is none other than the culture leader Seo Taiji.


“He was a student who is not (?) popular among female students.”

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Kim HyunJoong received all the love from female fans to himself through the role of Prince Charming Yoon JiHoo in drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ (KBS 2 TV). However, he is an ‘ordinary guy’ who doesn’t catch any attention from female students of his same age while he was younger.