The pictures of HwangBo in NY that was posted a few days ago, were taken on the 13th of june..

I believe.. the following pics were from her first performance in ‘The Circle’ which was on June 12th..

Nice.. It’s good that she’s showing her beautiful legs! ^envy^envy^

Though.. someone will surely throw a fit when he sees this!!



Another JoongBoer who was able to watched HwangBo in the Circle last June 13..

There’s only one thing that fans always say.. ‘HwangBo is so pretty!’

Thank you zkunninglookz of soompi and yt for sharing this video!


Part 2 posted by zkunninglookz.. pardon for the LQ of the video.. it’s still worth watching though.. 😉

I’m so glad that a JoongBoer was able to see HB in NY.. I thought after seeing the poster that that would be it coz there hasn’t been any news regarding this event..

Thank You BlueRoses of Soompi for sharing!!!

more Pix and her fanAccount inside.. 😉


HwangBo is currently in New York city right now! at this moment!! LoL~~! I am soooo redundant!!

She will be in the Big Apple for two days for a Tecktonik blast!!!

Information for this event is on the poster below..

I  Hope for those HwangBo fans who are just around the corner can catch a glimpse of her and support her in this event..

GoodLuck! 😉