How fitting it is to re-discover what we didn’t seem to notice when it was first shown last year..

On WGM’s 15th episode.. the day joongbo had their outdoor fun was also the day that joongbo celebrated Sshillang’s birthday..

Now.. a year later.. a csi joongboer has re-discover this..

what is it?? :O


These are the pictures which i believe, are taken BTS while they were filming ‘We Got Married’..

Here is when they were filming the Everland episode..

more Pix inside.. 😉

I have read this over at Chonsa’s blog.. I’m not really fond of reading fanfics coz i feel like they are just giving me false hopes then my imagination would just run wild and then i would just  be day dreaming for the rest of the day..

But this fanfic is just the sweetest thing~~! for those who haven’t read it.. have the patience to read it all.. coz it’s all worth it..

Here is Chonsa’s posting.. you may read it also at her blog.. 

Wedding Debt 1

This is a translation done by Witchtwitch off a Chinese creation by 不见不爱不痛, who wrote these lists on her blog. Read and enjoy, because it really is adorable!

Parts 2,3 and 4 to follow!

Thanks Witch for translating and 不见不爱不痛 for allowing me to share your wonderful work with the rest of the Joongboers!


To my dearest Kim Hyun Joong,

Due to the fact that we have already divorced, I believe there is a need to calculate the expenses we have incurred during these 31 weeks of marriage and make a list.

1. Rental of the beetle convertible, yacht and suite during the honeymoon — 2,000,000

2. Rental of the luxurious apartment in the city —1,200,000

3. Water used to fill up your favorite pool-like bath tub during house warming— 60,000

4. Food purchased for hosting friends and brothers-in-law during house warming— 100,000

5. Entrance tickets to the outdoor swimming complex— 60,000

6. Birthday cake and gift bought specially for your birthday— 100,000

7. Dress specially bought to be worn on your birthday— 100,000

8. Shifting house— 400,000

9. Medical fees incurred while knitting your muffler— 20,000

10. Baby blown up pool bought specially for you— 20,000

11. My trip to Japan because I missed you— 2,000,000

12. The vacation with AlShin couple— 500,000

13. Fireworks bought to make you happy— 20,000

14. Wedding photo shoot for our 100th day Anniversary— 2,000,000

15. Petrol used during the trip to the rural village— 60,000

16. First farewell dinner— 100,000

17. Ant Couple Tour— 100,000

18. Trip to your favorite amusement park— 40,000

19. Match-making dinner planned for my beloved brothers-in-law— 100,000

20. Loss incurred for doing weird actions during my performance all thanks to your strange mission — 200,000

 21. Skating together— 20,000

22. Vaccine taken to take precautions for your health— 40,000

23. Your favorite ginseng chicken— 20,000

24. Dress and hairdo I prepared specially for the farewell— 400,000

25. The tasty kimbap bought for the Halla San hike— 10,000

26. The countless couple tops that originally can be recycled but in the end were ruined by you— 100,000

27. More than 10 types of conditioners bought for you and secretly stashed in your bag— 600,000

28. Countless facial treatments done for you— 800,000

29. Gained antis after being married to you, lead to visits to psychiatrist— 200,000

30. Vitamins and ramen bought for you during your trip to Japan— 20,000

31. Summit wine bought to celebrate our successful hike— 15,000

32. SS501 album bought in Japan to support your band— 25,000

33. Vet medical cost for Jins, you strangled her because you liked my aegyo too much during the Busan trip— 50,000

At the present moment, these are the items I can think of. If you have doubts to any of the items above, please reply this letter or call my cell phone.

The total amount is 11,200,000 Won.

If there is no issue, please credit this amount into my bank account.

Thank you.

Your first wife,

Hwang Bo Hye Jung

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wedding debt 2,3, and 4 inside.. 😉

I saw these pictures while surfing dc gallery.. and i’m so glad someone thought of doing this.. summarizing  joongbo’s skinships!!!

JoongBo.. they always bring smile to my face.. Hope they would bring smile to yours too after seeing this..

credits for the pictures as labeled..

First Pic: the times that they were holding hands

more skinships inside.. 😉

There isn’t much news about HwangBo nor HyunJoong for the past 24 hrs.. **Sigh**

But since I miss them, here are some of their pictures in WGM studio..

pictures credit to dcinisde and anf..

I miss JoongBo 😦

I wasn’t expecting that i would be reacting (or overacting???) this way.. I was already crying during JoongBo’s first part.. Even I was thinking, am I overdoing this?? Am I overacting?? Why am I acting like this?? (I’m really a crybaby at times.. tsk.. tsk..)

JoongBo really has an overwhelming effect to its fans and viewers.. I’m sure I’m not the only one in saying this.. 

The entirety of JoongBo’s episode has a sad aroma into it.. even though our couple tried to liven things up and joke around.. You can feel and see that their hearts are hurting and sad deep inside..

They were trying to show in this episode what they were not able to show to each other in the entire time they were married.. I like how they backtracked and did everything all over again what they have done in their first Jeju trip!! even re-enacting some of it..  maybe both of them felt that their first trip was half baked as they were uber awkward during that time.. and now came an opportunity of doing it all over again.. now with the right feelings they can offer and show to each other!!! It’s like their second honeymoon now that they are more comfortable with each other.. but the sad truth to it is that they will be parting after this trip..

In this episode it seems like they are putting an ending to everything that is related to their marriage.. Speaking like everything that they are going to do will be their last time.. putting a period to their relationship.. as a finality!

And it is kindah sad to hear them talk like that!


HyunJoong and HwangBo: ‘… the fifth sea with me’!

Ssangchu couple’s reminiscence farewell journey!