I’ll give this episode with a BIG laugh!!! Bwahahahaah~~~! random cuteness were everywhere!!!

I utterly enjoyed it!!! I enjoyed this week’s epi than with the ss201 and WG combined.. I really like it when it is just the two of them.. I like seeing their interaction with each other more than anyone else..

Hmmmm.. the episode was not sweet.. not like the previous episodes.. But hey, maybe we need a little reality check..

Uhmm..I can label this episode as cute.. Though there weren’t much happenings with their segment.. since they just stayed home.. but it was still a cute episode..



This week’s episode was fun.. yeah! there were many skinships as our favorite couple is way way more comfortable with each other now.. but I don’t know.. I’m not really that thrilled..  I guess because i wanted to see just the two of them and ‘NOBODY NOBODY’ else in any of their remaining episodes..

The two veterans were being playful with their matchmaking mission!!! Initiating games that will embarrass their guests.. and acting like both of them are knowledgeable now in this area, being married now for a couple of months.. lol.. And these veterans are just showing off by having so many skinships in front of their guests!!! a.k.a living by example! lol~~~!

HyunJoong is completely different whenever his members are around.. lol! Funny how he’s bossing around the two boys!

HwangBo was so fun!!! It’s really amazing how she can level up with that age group.. she’s really flexible and can relate to anyone whatever their age may be..  And with that energy!! WoW!!..

The two girls from WonderGirls were not bad.. I’m not really a fan of them.. or any of the girl group band..

I love how unaffected Sshillang is with the fresh girls.. keeping his promise not to look at any other woman while being married to Buin.. Is there still a guy or husband that is like him??? who wouldn’t look at a woman that is even as pretty as Shinae??? That is trully rare nowadays!!

HyunJoong is an endangered specie I must say!!!