Muish has subbed part2 of Kim HyunJoong’s guesting in YaShiManMan 090202 episode..

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For this episode, there will be only 1 part of HyunJoong’s cut since he was only on the first half of the program..

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In the recent episode of YaShiManMan last monday, February 02, 2009.. As part of the continuation of Kim HyunJoong’s guesting.. He sang Dahaengida which is a memorable song for all JoongBo fans..

Here’s a cut of HyunJoong singing Dahaengida posted by Rainbowccy of youtube..

translation and eng sub of the song is on the About JoongBo page..



Hyun Joong revealed that there was a female celebrity that he liked at first sight while he was filming X-Man.

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Kim HyunJoong recently guested in YaShiManMan hosted by Kang Ho Dong last January 26, 2009..

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This is the episode where HyunJoong shared that he had 3 near death experience..

Expect again a funny – 4D cuteness HyunJoong from this episode!!!

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Singer cum actor Kim HyunJoong discloses the 6 months away from home and the ups and downs during his student life.

SS501 Kim HyunJoong confessed about running away from home when he was in middle school and had 3 near death experience on SBS ‘Yashim man man 2’ broadcasted on 26-Jan.