I think these are outtake/BTS pics from IG’s Cebu visit..

more.. more.. 😉


We all know that HwangBo and the rest of the moohan girls went to the Philippines and we have read all fan accounts of meeting her at the airport (which i’m still dying of envy)..

But what did they really do in the Philippines??? MBC has now released the preview of the said episode..


Our cebu girls got their few seconds of fame.. Yey!

It will be aired on  the 22nd and ending on the 29th of May at 11.05 p.m. Korean time.

the pictures are inside.. 🙂

The Cebu Girls are sooo famous now! 🙂 It was said that they might be featured in Infinity Girls in 2 weeks time.. coz they were being filmed during their Meet & Greet with HwangBo..

And their stories now is being spread in all corners of JoongBo world and translated into different languages.. as a proof.. I have just seen a post from dc gallery..


Oh My G! These girls are trully awesome.. can’t help but feel a tinge of jealousy by what they have accomplished!!

To the JoongBoers – Philippine Chapter, let me bow down to you.. What a feat you have done!! I really envy you guys!

You guys are so lucky.. I mean not all can really come close to HwangBo..

Kudos to all of you!! You were not just heard.. you came thundering and  rocked all of JoongBodom..

So proud of you Guys!

the STORY inside 😛